Mailing list as a way of communication with readers

A list of emails (mailing list) will be useful to us when we want to send information about a competition or an important event related to the blog. Newsletter is worth having, because it is a kind of communication with Readers. Remember that a good newsletter is more than just text. Graphic design is also important. Gathering an e-mail list to readers is not that easy, but there are several ways that can help.

Note - never sell a mailing list to any company, because if the reader finds out, he will hate you.

Subscribe to the subscription

This is one way to collect a list of emails for the newsletter. We have a subscription and newsletter separately. The subscription is e-mail information about a new blog post that is automatically sent to people who have left and activated their address. Newsletter is sent manually and it is occasional - when we want to inform the reader about something important, and there is a chance that he will not see the post on social media.


This is probably the easiest way to collect emails for the newsletter. Of course, this involves some risk - most people could only be interested in the competition, and not at all interested in the blog. Nevertheless, it is worth sending a newsletter to such a group, because in 75% these people will stay longer.

Special Actions

You can also think about a special action, which is something that tempts readers to subscribe to the newsletter. It can be a discount on an ebook that you will publish soon or additional photos from the event you were at. I will not tell you what it is supposed to be, here your creativity counts.

Where to collect emails, i.e. the platform for sending the newsletter

And when we are already at the newsletter, I would like you to write in the comments if you have a newsletter and what tool do you use? I recommend Mailchimp for my part. It is a free (up to a certain number of e-mails) program that is very simple and transparent. In Mailchimp you can upload an e-mail list (mailing list), you have newsletter templates (their creation is so easy!) And reports that show you who opened the newsletter, what link they clicked, etc.
We have been using Mailchimp from the beginning, but I also used Freshmail professionally and I didn't like this one, although the newsletter templates were really interesting.