Positioning at the expense of bloggers

Word-of-mouth marketing - how does it work and how do companies want to position at our expense?
Word-of-mouth marketing - how does it work and how do companies want to position at our expense?

Word-of-mouth marketing (positioning at the expense of bloggers) is very popular in many companies. You will feel its popularity on your own skin when your blog begins to be read by more and more people and you will post valuable content.

I used to work as a marketer and was also responsible for word of mouth marketing. It is quite effective, because like an ordinary person writes positive reviews about a store or in a conversation refers to where the product was bought. Often, the image of an expert is built on Internet forums to later mention something about a product or company.
A simple matter, but it is not. You really have to work hard to win the trust of others. Sometimes, people who engage in online forums for a long time offer the word of mouth marketing services. I noticed that it became a kind of business idea. Why? Because it works. As with bloggers, celebrities, actors and other popular people, when you notice that your favorite actress is using a cosmetic from X, you will probably want it too. This is how it works, which is why well-known people often appear in commercials.
For me personally, word-of-mouth marketing is very annoying, and it started most when statistics on our blog began to grow. I notice more and more such comments, which is why we decided to moderate them. It's a bit of a cunning and unfortunately every comment that will be published on our blog must be checked (yes, I also check where the link provided in the commentator's login leads). I'm not going to advertise someone on our blog for free. Do you want to advertise? Write an e-mail asking for an offer and pay for promoting your product. If you do not want to pay, do not make an effort and do not write a comment. It won't be published anyway.
Have you noticed on the blog about word of mouth marketing activities? Or maybe you didn't pay attention to it? If the answer is affirmative - it's worth reviewing the published comments, even if it would take a long time. Let's value our work on the blog, let's not be fooled and let's not be positioned at the expense of bloggers.

Who is a professional Blogger and how to become one?

I never thought that apart from running my own blog I could be on the other side, i.e. the client. However, this has happened and I want to tell you about a few issues that are worth paying attention to (if you are serious about your blog and want to start making money on it or cooperate with companies barterly).
how to make money on the blog?
Barter cooperation is ok because you can get a nice product (usually on your own). At some point, when you put more and more work into your blog - you expect something more. But remember that it is worth measuring your capabilities with a real measure i.e., if 2000 people enter your blog monthly - do not require the payer to pay you several thousand for your sponsored post. We still have to wait for it 😉

Thank you and write a few words about yourself

If someone writes to you with an offer of cooperation - it is worth thanking for your interest in your blog. There are so many blogs on the web right now. It's nice when someone notices your hard work.

It's also good to write a few words about yourself - where are you from, how old are you and why did you start a blog at all. Thanks to this, you become a professional and friendly person from the first paragraph of your email.

Statistics from Google Analytics

Last month at the Meet Beauty conference, I noticed at one of the lectures that few Bloggers use Google Analytics. I can tell you it's even worse - very few Bloggers use Google Analytics. I wonder why, because if a blog is taken seriously and you are thinking about making money from running it or at least undertaking any cooperation - this should be the basis.
Instead of statistics from Google Analytics, many Bloggers send me blogger statistics. If you think about professional blogging, then the basis is friendship with Google Analytics . Do not send statistics from your blogger to your potential client, because you show that you have no idea about blogging.

Keep an eye on your deadlines

Of course, it is better to meet deadlines, but sometimes there are slips (also for us). If it happens that the post was to go on Wednesday, and for some reason you do not have time to write a sponsored note - send an e-mail / call your principal and just apologize. It will look much better than if you disappear without a word.

Stupid excuses

This point is the most interesting because I read many interesting excuses. If you do not want to cooperate with someone, just write, and don't make a stupid excuse like "my grandmother died and I can't." You must be honest with 100% when dealing with other people, otherwise cooperation doesn't make sense.

Read emails before sending them

When I get e-mails with typos or questions that I have already answered, I wonder if anyone reads my e-mails at all. It is better to read the e-mail twice than to send it, and then think about its content. Of course, you can forget about something - an additional question suddenly appeared (I will say a little more about the questions), but it is better to include everything in one e-mail than spam the customer's inbox, which is still bursting at the seams.


It is very important to ask questions, i.e. agree everything before signing the contract. Colloquially speaking - after signing the contract it will be swept away.


It's always worth signing a contract. Even if the client doesn't send it to you - it's good to have a template of your contract that you can send to him. Thanks to this, we receive everything in writing (in the event that the client suddenly complains to us that we did not do something - we can always send the signed contract and show "hey, there was no such thing in the contract"), in addition, we have more self-control over us, because the contract has a specific date and scope of the order that we must complete.
I hope that my advice will help you create your image as a professional. I wish you fruitful cooperation!