How to write an e-mail with a proposal of cooperation to a company / agency?

When we don't have a very popular blog yet, we decide to write cooperation emails to companies. Later, brands or agencies write themselves with the offer of cooperation, but you need to be patient and, above all, create valuable content on the blog or ensure the popularity of the Instagram profile. In this article you will learn how to write an e-mail with a proposal of cooperation to the company or agency that supports the brand.

I often get questions from you about how an e-mail should be sent to a company for cooperation. It is worth knowing because the email you sent may be the reason that a given brand will work with you.

Look for contact for the person responsible for influence marketing

Before you decide to write to a given brand, check if there is a special e-mail that will be sent to this type of application. If you send an email to [Email protected], and there is a dedicated email address, be aware that he may never reach the person responsible for influence marketing. Usually in every company (at least it should be like that) there is a designated person who works with Influencers. It's best if your email goes directly to her. Direct contact is very easy to find on LinkedIn, for example. However, if there is an e-mail on the website to collaborate with, do not bother them because they may remember you negatively.

What should you write in an e-mail with an offer of cooperation?

If you decide to write an e-mail with an offer of cooperation, remember that company X probably gets dozens (or even hundreds) of such proposals a day. You have to stand out and something can be a well-structured email.

how to establish cooperation with the influencer brand

First of all, your email MUST be concise. Nobody has time to read your life story and your blog. There must be specific in the email. It is worth starting with a SHORT description of the profile - its topics, number of followers, coverage and information about the community involved. Also include in the email the reason you are writing. This may seem obvious, but it's a good idea to write a campaign idea. Many Girls do not, and instead send a message saying "Maybe cooperation" or "Do you work with influencers?". I get such messages on my clients' profiles, and I even got to my blog's profile (someone probably thought we were a brand). Give up this type of message, unless you want someone to "cut out" for good morning.


In the email, be sure to write what you can offer. As I wrote earlier, the outline of the campaign is a very important thing, but it is also important what results you can generate (e.g. 1000 go to the website or 200 purchases using the discount code). Base these types of predictions based on previous collaborations.

It is good that you present information on what products from the brand you are writing to use for the campaign. This makes it much easier and saves time. As a result, the brand will know that this is not a random email sent on the basis of "copy / paste" to 30 from various companies.

Make sure to include statistics for your blog or Instagram profile. It is very important that they are Google Analytics statistics (in the case of a blog) and IG demographics screens (countries, cities and information on the age of your recipients). Add all this as an attachment to an email. Of course, remember to add clickable links to the profile (if you provide the name of the IG profile, also link it as here: @dpblogpl. Remember to submit yours real statistics and don't mess around, because it's very easy to check e.g. in a tool Social Blade.


I hope that thanks to this article you already know what a good e-mail with a proposal of cooperation to a company or agency should look like. I wish you good luck in getting cool cooperation with brands.