The most common mistakes in blogging

The beginnings of blogging are very difficult. It is also the time when most mistakes are made. Today I would like to present the most common mistakes that I made at the beginning of my blog adventure. Maybe thanks to this you will not make the same mistakes as me.
mistakes that we most often make

No "About" tab

I have already written about how important this tab is this note. Now I will remind you by giving an example of our blog. As you know, I started blogging myself. A few years later Piotrek joined blogging.
At the time, we didn't think about introducing ourselves. Of course, there are posts in the style of some facts about us (we are going to refresh this post in the near future, what do you think about it?). There has never been a place where we could say something more about us and you get to know us a little closer.
To be honest I was surprised looking at the statistics. I didn't think that so many people would want to know more about us. And yet it turned out quickly - we were wrong w

No Social Media channels

I could talk about this topic for hours because it is the industry in which I work. Social Media channels are used not only for informing about a new post, but also for faster contact with readers. I always try to answer e-mails in order, but I visit FB very often. So if you want some information on "already" write on FB or Instagram.

A blog that has no fanpage is as if it did not exist.

FB and Instagram are also a good place where you can show yourself from a slightly different page - not only as a blog author, but also as a traveler, a gourmet of oriental cuisine, or maybe a person who does something cool outside the blog? Take a cool picture, add cool text and unique hashtags and Fanpage post ready. That's what Social Media channels are for 🙂

No post publication schedule

We have learned the hard way that this is important. At first, there was no such thing as a timetable. Posts went when they were written. Sometimes it was a few days, sometimes a week. There were also such periods that several notes went through during the day.
About the chaos that prevailed on our blog (and which we had no idea!) We found out during the archiving of old posts (which I will also mention soon). today posts are published on a schedule: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday.
Thanks to the schedule of posts, readers know when they can expect a new blog post.

Post archiving

Our archiving mainly concerns photos. After problems on the blog related to older notes (photos did not work for us in the 2010-2012 years) we decided to archive all photos. Now, if some graphics stop working - it is much easier for us to replace it with a working one.
I think it's worth thinking about it, especially if you've been blogging for a while.

Bookmarks that are worth having on the blog

I wrote about it last week how to become a professional blogger and earn money on the blogand today I would like to raise the issue of blog bookmarks.
how to make money on the blog
A person looking for Bloggers to collaborate has no easy nut to crack. There are a lot of blogs, and most of them are very similar. To succeed, you need to stand out. Stand out not only with the template, but also with content on the blog.
When you are looking for a Blogger to cooperate, you are looking for gems. Someone who stands out in any way and is not one of many. I will not give you ways to stand out in this note, because everyone has to think about what distinguishes him from hundreds of thousands of blogs on the Internet.

,,About me"

This is a very important tab and if you don't have it yet - do it now! It will be helpful not only for clients, but also for your readers. When entering blogs, I like to know who I have pleasure with. Write a few words about yourself - something that characterizes you. Maybe you are a mother of three wonderful toddlers, or maybe you have a passion to show off? Be sure to write about it in this tab.
Our blog has a bookmark ,,About us" where Piotr and I wrote a few words about us. So that everyone who visits our blog can learn more about us besides reviewing cosmetics.

As a curiosity, I will say that on our "About us" tab, on average, 150 people click monthly.


If you are thinking about establishing cooperation with companies or making money on a blog - such a bookmark cannot be missing on your blog.
It is worth to write here what you can offer (e.g. sponsored posts, contests, etc.), often bloggers also publish their statistics.
When it comes to making statistics public, I am the opponent - you have to think about whether you want to show them. Think about why many famous Bloggers don't brag about their statistics? (and not because they are weak).
In addition, you can add other information here, such as links to your social media channels.
If you still do not know how to do it - you can look what it looks like our 'Cooperation' tab

let's be in touch

A good idea is also the "Contact" tab, where every reader who does not want to share their problems will find your email address.
If we are already at this point - remember to write back to emails (be it to readers or clients) as soon as possible. In my opinion, the maximum time for an answer is 24-72 h. If you do not reply during this time, it may turn out that your order was taken over by another Bloger who was faster. Nowadays, 'time' plays the first violin.