Sweethearts of April 2017

April favorites

I rarely publish posts with my favorites, but in April I found a few products that won my heart, so I would like to share my opinion on them with you. It will be a little cosmetically, but also less cosmetically, because our blog in 100% cosmetic is no longer. So what, ready for April favorites?

Cosmetic favorites

April was full of cosmetic pearls. As you know, I don't buy a lot of cosmetics (I didn't go for a promotion in Rossmann, for example). I like testing cosmetics, especially when something runs out or I find a really interesting product. In April, I came across 3 products that I particularly liked.

Inglot modeling eyebrow gel

My eyebrows are black so I don't need any products to highlight their color. Unfortunately, they have it that they don't stick to the bow. He came to my aid colorless modeling eyebrow gel Inglot, which is in the package like mascara.

The plus is that the product has a brush - thanks to it, we can easily and quickly emphasize eyebrows, and the effect will last for hours. The product is waterproof, so that even when it rains our eyebrows look perfect. 39 eyebrow gel costs PLN.

Lipstick with a flower from Hebe

I have to admit without beating that I bought lipstick because of its appearance. I got my attention every time I was in Hebe, but her high price (almost PLN 40) meant that I always left without her. When I saw that it was in the -50% promotion, I finally decided to test it.

A flower lipstick with a gel consistency is an interesting gadget - it changes color depending on the temperature and pH of the lips. And it really works - I notice it is more or less intense. However, this is not the effect we will achieve with lipstick, but rather delicate lipstick. In addition to the described effect - the product moisturizes the lips very well. It's a great choice every day.

Mascara Eveline 3 in 1

I'm at the stage of looking for good mascara. It is true that Max Factor False Lash is still a huge favorite of mine, but it annoys me that it dries very quickly and the effect is no longer as spectacular as at the beginning. That's why I started searching and found Eveline 3 mascara in 1 - curling, thickening and lengthening eyelashes. It is true that at the end of April I got the L'Oréal Paris mascara for testing, but I think I will return to Eveline mascara more than once.

This product actually curls, thickens and lengthens eyelashes. I thought it was a marketing gimmick, but no. I don't know how this mascara does it, but it's really good, and it costs about PLN 20.

Washing balls

Organic washing balls are my big hit. Not only that, I save on laundry detergents (I don't have to buy powders, liquids or water softeners anymore), my skin is not irritated and dry. One washing ball is enough to use 1500. The price of one ball is 6,99 PLN. on Allegro (they are of course more expensive, but I bought the cheapest one to test them) is very beneficial in relation to the amount of use one ball.
The balls are washed in an ecological way with the help of granules that they have inside. They are recommended for allergy sufferers, children as well as animals. If you are interested in washing balls, see their detailed review click.


In April I read a few books, and some of them caught my eye. One of the books that I especially recommend is Be chic! Émilie Albertini. This book is actually a guide on fashion and Parisian style. Reading it, I found a lot of common elements between a Parisian wardrobe and a minimalist. This book made me realize the shortcomings in my wardrobe, especially in my shoes. I absolutely have to look through all the shoes and decide which ones will go on sale or give away, and which ones I will leave.

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The third part about Madame Chic has joined my collection of books about Paris, i.e. School of Graceful Madame Chic Jennifer L. Scott. It's a great summary of the current parts, as well as gathering all the information at a glance. If you haven't read the previous parts, you can read this part and learn who Madame Chic is and how to become it. Although I liked this book, because I really like the style of writing Jennifer L. Scott, I will most likely return to the second part.

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In May I have to read for sure 'Be Parisian wherever you are', as well as Parisian chic. Look Book de la Fressange Ines, Gachet Sophie. This second book is ready styles for specific occasions. It works as a dose of inspiration, and also on days when we still don't know what to wear.

11 books that I want to read in the near future

I really like reading. In summer, I usually reach for 'light' books or guides. I like the latter ones probably because they are very motivating, and you can learn a lot from them and read them quickly.
Some time ago I decided on e-book reader. Often the books I read are very large and heavy. In addition, I lack space for items in the cabinet.
I like paper books, but they have two drawbacks. The first is the burden just mentioned, and the second is ecology. For the production of books, paper is used, and it is enough that my rabbit eats apple branches every day (sometimes he laughs that he has already eaten the fruit orchard). The limit on this type of products is probably exhausted 😉
I decided on 626 touch lux 2 pocketbook reader. I hesitated between this model and onyx boox afterglow. However, I came across a very good offer, so the choice was simple - I bought it Pocketbook Touch Lux 2.
Below I present to you a list of books that I would like to read in the near future:
  1. Rediscover yourself. How to define your own brand and build a career, Dorie Clark - is a guide on how to find a job that you will love with all your heart. Apparently a good motivational boost. Something like this will be useful to me because I recently lost all motivation to work.
  2. A guide for ambitious women. How to make a career, Heather McGregor - another motivator, I suspect something similar to item number 1
  3. The magic of cleaning up, Marie Kondo - I like to have a clean house, but on average I like cleaning. There are some activities that completely displease me when doing them. I hope that this book will rediscover the joy that cleaning can bring.
  4. You and your home without preservatives, Małgorzata Milcz - I have long been trying to eliminate harmful ingredients, chemistry from home. Unfortunately, there are still some products that I can't replace with something more natural. I hope that after reading this book it will change and I will be able to enjoy the home without preservatives;)
  5. The art of planning, Dominique Loreau - I have no problems planning, be it homework or tasks at work. It can always be better. I hope that I will learn from this book how I can improve my methods and whether I am making mistakes by accident.
  6. The art of minimalism in everyday life, Dominique Loreau - another book of this lady and no, no, not because we have the same name 😉 Minimalism has accompanied me for a long time, but there are some zones at home that I know they do not need so many things / products. I think that thanks to this book minimalism will stay in my home permanently.
  7. That's why the French are so sexy, Helena Frith Powell - I always thought French had that "something" in it. I'd love to know their secret. I recently read two books about French women and I liked them very much.
  8. The art of ordering. A better life in organized space, Dominique Loreau - this is the last book of Mrs. Dominique that caught my eye. I think that together with the previous two I will be a Perfect Housewife 😉
  9. Good luck, Jamie Cat Callan - another book about the phenomenon of French people. I suspect that it will be very light and positive, and at the same time thought-provoking - perfect for the summer!
  10. The diary of a perfect housewife 2014. Over 1000 tips for all occasions, Weronika Łęcka - there are never too many guides ... all the more so that I can introduce to everyday life immediately after reading. I hope that in this guide I will find something I don't know yet.
  11. Ways of French women for beauty, slim figure and health, Anne Ghesquiere, Marie de Foucault - this book has been following me for several months. Perhaps it will be the first in order to read.
Let me know if you have read any of these books and which you can recommend to read first 🙂