Christmas essentials and Christmas tree decorations

How are your preparations for Christmas? Have you already succumbed to the holiday madness? Some people feel like that already. There are more and more crowds in stores, fortunately I have been shopping online for years, which means I avoid standing in kilometer long queues (even to the self-service cashier). This is not only great convenience, saving time, but also saving money. Without going to the store, I'm not tempted to buy something off the list. I also give you several recipes for vegan Christmas Eve dishes. Even if you eat meat every day, you can try it, because Christmas Eve is vegetarian. Or maybe these recipes will tempt you to make vegan Christmas Eve a year:

And in this post you will find Christmas Eve styles, which you can also use for a job interview or other occasions that require an elegant outfit.

A Christmas tree is a must-have decoration for Christmas. I can't imagine missing her. I used to love Christmas trees with colorful decorations (I remember this Christmas tree from my childhood), but over time my taste changed. I definitely like the minimalist (so-called scandinavian christmas tree) decorations of Christmas trees (my mother would probably say that such Christmas trees are bald). And sticking to the topic of Christmas trees - do you remember what our Christmas tree looked like last year? If not, I refer you to this photo on our Instagram profile or this photo on dpblogpl's profile, where a little more Christmas tree is shown - both photos perfectly reflect the holiday mood that prevailed in our house at the time. I have some inspirations for you to decorate the Christmas tree, i.e. Christmas tree decorations. Maybe this year you will dress the Christmas tree according to one of my inspirations.

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