Christmas essentials and Christmas tree decorations

How are your preparations for Christmas? Have you already succumbed to the holiday madness? Some people feel like that already. There are more and more crowds in stores, fortunately I have been shopping online for years, which means I avoid standing in kilometer long queues (even to the self-service cashier). This is not only great convenience, saving time, but also saving money. Without going to the store, I'm not tempted to buy something off the list. I also give you several recipes for vegan Christmas Eve dishes. Even if you eat meat every day, you can try it, because Christmas Eve is vegetarian. Or maybe these recipes will tempt you to make vegan Christmas Eve a year:

And in this post you will find Christmas Eve styles, which you can also use for a job interview or other occasions that require an elegant outfit.

A Christmas tree is a must-have decoration for Christmas. I can't imagine missing her. I used to love Christmas trees with colorful decorations (I remember this Christmas tree from my childhood), but over time my taste changed. I definitely like the minimalist (so-called scandinavian christmas tree) decorations of Christmas trees (my mother would probably say that such Christmas trees are bald). And sticking to the topic of Christmas trees - do you remember what our Christmas tree looked like last year? If not, I refer you to this photo on our Instagram profile or this photo on dpblogpl's profile, where a little more Christmas tree is shown - both photos perfectly reflect the holiday mood that prevailed in our house at the time. I have some inspirations for you to decorate the Christmas tree, i.e. Christmas tree decorations. Maybe this year you will dress the Christmas tree according to one of my inspirations.

Christmas tree styling 2018

christmas tree decoration

Christmas tree minimalism

Christmas Eve Styles

how to decorate a Christmas tree

Christmas decorations

Time to start the Christmas madness

For some, the beginning of the holiday season is heralded by the song 'Last Christmas' heard on the radio, for others the growing crowds of people in shopping malls. The end of November is the perfect time to start a holiday (shopping) madness. This year, in addition to a gift for loved ones, I am also making a gift for a friend who lives at the other end of Poland. We have known each other for a long time, and this year, exactly on the second day of Christmas, 5 years passed. We decided to celebrate it. Unfortunately, we will not have the opportunity to meet, but for that we will give small things that will certainly make Christmas Eve evening more enjoyable.

I will not reveal to you what I bought so that Ola, who is one of the readers of the blog, had a surprise. However, I persuaded her to record on her Insta Stories how to unpack a gift. I am very curious about her reaction (I will tell you that this is something she has long wanted to get and which she mentioned to me several times). If you are thinking about a gift for your friend or friend - follow the pre-Christmas entries, because I will have for you ideas for gifts for parents, grandparents or boyfriend (this entry will be prepared by Piotr, as he usually knows what every man would like to get) .
cutting out sheets of paper

Get ready! Your gift will be with you soon

As I have already mentioned - Ola lives at the other end of Poland, which is why I will send my present to her in a Package in RUCH. I have been using this service for a long time, because it is attractive in price, but I am also sure that it will always arrive on time. Ola is a busy person, that's why I send a package in RUCH. She will be able to pick up her gift at a selected pickup point without worrying that her package will fall into the wrong hands.
gift wrapping

I have the pleasure that the RUCH kiosk, where I always send parcels (at the Coal Market in Gdańsk) is near the Christmas Market. If you are ever in the Tri-City in winter - be sure to check out the fair. The festive atmosphere that prevails there is beyond words. Even Grinch visiting Christmas market in Gdansk would feel the magic of Christmas.

The whole process of sending a package is very simple - I always choose the "I have a printer" option. I complete the data and choose a kiosk where I want to post the package. I print the waybill, stick it on the package and it's ready.
package in motion

It's time to start shopping madness

The gift for Ola was the first I bought this year. I haven't had time to even think about Piotr's gift. I guess I'll have to go shopping, although I don't like them so much ... but you know what's the coolest thing about Christmas shopping? I have such a small tradition that I always enjoy them with a festive coffee. This year, I'm probably tempted by the gingerbread version. Of course with soy milk 😉
The entry was made in cooperation with RUCH SA