Brand 24 - internet monitoring tool

I have probably known the 24 brand since its inception. I immediately point out that this is not a sponsored post, but only my opinion about this monitoring tool, which I have developed over the years of use. No matter if you are a blogger or run your own business - Brand24 is a tool that you need to know.

What is Brand 24?

The Brand24 tool is used for internet monitoring. In short - enter the keywords that you want to monitor and we get all the results for the selected word. This may be the name of a competitive company that we want to track. This can be the name of the blog or the name of a specific person.

We perform these activities in a panel that is very similar to the WordPress panel. The panel is so simple that even the largest layman can handle its operation. And if not - the account keeper will be happy to help in determining the right keywords or answer bothering questions.

Why Bloggers Should Know Brand24?

We use this tool for our work, but also for monitoring the blog's keywords. And today in Blogger's guide we want to show you how to use Brand24 when running a blog. if you want to make money on the blog, you must make friends with this tool. Thanks to it your work will become much easier and you will be able to react in crisis situations.

Every blogger who runs a popular blog should follow reviews about the blog, as well as his own, if he signs on the blog with his name. We do not hide our identity, although at the beginning of the blog I could not imagine that I would ever sign up to what I do on the blog by name. A lot has changed since 2009, the beginnings of blogging. I decided that if someone wants to cooperate with us, I sign with the name and surname, why should I not disclose such information on the blog. My approach to blogging has changed over the years and today I am not ashamed of our blog, quite the opposite, because I talk about it at every possible opportunity. Anyway, friends often ask us how we are blogging and most of them support us very much.

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Of course, there are also bad sides of signing up with your name, as well as the growing popularity of the blog (currently we have about 30 thousand uu and 75 thousand pageviews per month on our blog). There are more and more opinions on the internet about us and our blog. Someone even started a thread on the cafeteria about our blog. If anyone thinks we can't see it, they are wrong. Of course, everyone has the right to express their opinion or criticism, but there are limits that cannot be crossed. Some time ago, Fashionelka wrote a very nice post about it, to which I refer you (click).brand24-dpblog

How to use Brand24?

The Brand 24 tool is not free, but you can take advantage of the free 30 test days. The lowest package where we can enter 6 keywords is the cost of PLN 149. monthly. Further packages cost PLN 299, PLN 799, PLN 2999. in a month. Prices depend on the number of keywords as well as individual reports. Details can be found here.

After entering the panel, just enter Keywordsthat interest you (as I mentioned above - it can be the name of a competing company, blog or name of your blog, your name. Whatever comes to your mind and you would like to watch it). The panel will show results from online forums (these are usually the most interesting), as well as social media, blogs and even video materials. For example, you can create two projects - one to follow your blog results and the other to your competitors.

Each of the results can be described as positive, neutral and negative - positive as you can guess are all the nice comments and opinions that appear about the keyword entered. Neutrals are those that are neither positive nor negative (these are especially worth observing) and of course negative, which often have to be quickly responded (of course, reasonably).

Learn more about Brand 24

If you are interested in it monitoring tool and you want to learn more about it, be sure to watch this video on YouTube, which is very similar to freshmen. It is true that this tool and its capabilities can be talked for hours, but it is certainly a great introduction to using Brand24.