Brushegg - do you need this gadget?

Brushegg - do you need this gadget?
Brushegg - do you need this gadget?

By entering the password 'brushegg opinions' in Google, I found a lot of interesting information. I've been thinking about this brush-washing egg for a while, but I've never been along the way with it. When they opened Hebe near me and saw that the egg is available there, I decided to test this wonder. I wonder if you think this is a necessary gadget or just the opposite. I hope you will write your opinions in the comments.

Brushegg - what is it and how to use it?
I bought an egg for washing brushes at Hebe for PLN 12. I also saw other versions that look the same to me, and their price was up to PLN 50. in my opinion it is an exaggeration. And so they are all made in china.
Brushegg is an egg-shaped brush cleaning gadget. Mine is pink. At the bottom there is room for our fingers. In a word, we push your fingers into the brushegg, soak the dirty brush, soap it and start painting with a brush after the egg.
At the top, Brushegg has small tabs that are used to clean smaller brushes, e.g. for shadows or lines. Below we have a place to wash larger brushes, e.g. for blush or contouring.

How to brush brushes

I brush the brushes with Protex bar antibacterial soap. It is worth remembering to wash the brushes with lukewarm water. Never brush brushes with hot water as you may damage the bristles. My brushes are vegan (synthetic bristles), so they do not require a portion of conditioner after washing. Synthetic bristles have an advantage over natural bristles in terms of durability. Synthetic brushes are more durable and do not suffer so often.
After washing brushes I put the covers onwhich also have the effect that my brushes still look like new.
What brushes do I recommend?
In 2015 I received a set of Zoeva Bamboo brushes (vegan version with synthetic bristles) under the Christmas tree. Dream, awaited and loved. He is still beloved, because brushes are still used to me every day. And they look like new. If you're looking for good brushes, Zoeva will definitely be a good choice. I have already written about Zoeva brushes here i here. If you are still thinking about buying them, be sure to check out the above posts.

Brushegg - is it worth it?

I use the egg to brush Zoeva Bamboo (click), although at first I was a little afraid that it might destroy the brushes, luckily nothing like that happened. This gadget definitely makes washing brushes much faster. Although in my opinion it is not a necessary gadget, it is worth having it in your dressing table.