Beige and black Chanel shoes and their cheaper counterparts

Chanel shoes are in my opinion one of the most beautiful shoes that I could have dreamed of. Of course not all. The ones I dream of is the Slingback beige and black version. These classic, beige high heels with a black nose match dresses or trousers. They are perfect, and their only downside is the price - around 830 euros. Although these shoes will definitely be mine, I am a bit afraid that I could take care of them too much (because over EUR 800 is not enough). Unfortunately, the conditions in Poland do not allow you to go out in such expensive shoes every day. I can see how my Chanel Slingback shoes would look like after meeting Polish pavements.

chanel slingback and chanel purse

If someone also suffers from Chanel shoes and can't afford them - don't worry. I found cheaper counterparts for you. Fans of shoes I also invite you to read the post about great the designer of Manolo shoes.

Chanel Slingback shoes - cheaper counterparts

Chanel Slingback are classic and beautiful, and the Deezee online store has a very similar model in its offer. And they don't cost 800 euros, only PLN 119. (currently they are on promotion and cost PLN 77,99). Isn't they very similar? Shoes are available pod tym linkiem

chanel slingback shoes

Zara also has very similar shoes in its offer. They are not yet available (probably a new collection), but you can sign up to receive a notification when they become available. You can find these shoes here.

shoes zara a'la chanel

Beige and black Mules Chanel - cheaper counterparts

The second model of Chanel shoes, which is not my type (I don't like high heels) are chanel Mules. Also in beige and black. A characteristic feature of these shoes is the pearl heel, which I think is really interesting. Below you will see the original shoes.


Very similar shoes in the same color version can be found in the Deezee online store. Shoes have a pearl in heels as in the original version of Chanel. You can buy this model here


If you are just like me fans of beige and black shoes I have for you one more classic pumps from Zara. Shoes are available here.

zara shoes similar to chanel

Below are some inspirations with my dream Slingbacks from Chanel in beige and black version. Aren't they beautiful?

chanel slingback beige

original chanel shoes

chanel shoes price