Is it worth investing in Emu shoes?

Just a few years ago, if someone had told me that I would walk in EmuI would probably tap my head. Today I am totally enchanted with these shoes and I must admit that I wear them in autumn and winter whenever I can. Many times I wondered what shoes are the best for the winter, which ones will be the warmest for me? Now I know. Emu shoes are expensive, it's obvious. However, it is not worth buying fakes, just put down the money and buy the original.

I don't like winter very much, I'd like to live somewhere where the whole year is warm. Unfortunately, in Poland we have 4 seasons and we also have to deal with terrible cold. Last year, winter gave a hard time. After passing Orkan, it was still terribly cold. I am frost and I freeze at temperatures below 15 degrees. My feet and hands are always the coldest. I decided to put an end to freezing, not looking at the look of my shoes (even though I fell in love with Emu, I still think they are not very beautiful: P).

I read a lot, I chose (unfortunately in Poland the availability of Emu is at least average) increasingly stranger models and lengths. The choice fell on the model Paterson Mini chocolate. Although I wanted black (of course it was not), now I do not regret the choice.

I chose the Paterson model for a very simple reason - this model is waterproof. I happen to encounter rain in them (nothing happens to them), but it's worth remembering that they are not wellies that can handle a great downpour. Either way, even wet snow doesn't scare them.

The second argument that it is worth investing in the original is primarily the sole. There is a stereotype that emus twist their feet. Yes, fakes do. The sole of the original emus is made so that even the most pronating foot does not contort from walking in these shoes.

The most important argument is warmth. Since I bought my emu, I don't remember what it means to freeze in the feet. The idea of ​​wearing these shoes in the summer and bare feet does not speak for me. Even in the coldest temperatures I put on ordinary socks and I'm not worried that I'll freeze. In addition, emus do not have slippery soles, which I was probably afraid of the most. It is true that meeting with ice may end badly, but light ice is not scary for these shoes.

Is it worth buying emu shoes?

If you're thinking about emu, I'll tell you one thing ... it's really worth it. It is worth investing, but only in the original version. It is better to save money than to buy fakes every year, which distort the legs and have the usual sheepskin coat that can be found in every winter boot. Original emus, if someone cares for them, they can serve up to several years. An example is my colleague from a former job (A. greetings to you dear: *) whose unearthly stingers look like new after a few years! :)

What do you think about these shoes? Are you supporters or rather opponents?