The most interesting shoe models for the spring of 2019 - a review of the best shoes in premium quality

I don't know about you, but I can already feel the spring in the air. I look with more and more longing into the wardrobe towards spring clothes or shoes. Uggi and boots are cool, but wearing them for so many months even with a minimalist who I am can cause a desire for something else. The more that there are so many nice shoes that I had to show you the most interesting models of shoes for the 2019 spring, because there are so many that it is easy to get lost.

Last week I couldn't stand it and as I saw 8 degrees in the black, I reached for the cardboard box with the boots. Forecasts scare with snow, but I am quietly counting on spring coming soon. Apparently, storks are getting ready to fly, and they are never wrong ... right? Say yes.


I hope that you too are in the spring mood, because I have for you an overview of the most interesting shoes in premium quality in the spring of 2019. I wonder if you have any plans for this season? I bought espadrilles because the previous ones have broken up. As soon as I saw that they were available and in addition at a very good price, I ordered them before someone would buy them again.

Last time I showed up pink and black Chanel espadrilles on Stories they sold out on Zalando in a few minutes. I didn't even manage to order the 39 size and had to wait for the new delivery to arrive. Lesson for the future - if I have to order something, it's worth doing before I publish Stories. I am curious if you will like these 2019 spring shoes? Let me know in the comments.

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most interesting models of shoes for spring 2019
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Minimalist shoes in my wardrobe

I have been practicing minimalism since I read it a great Slow Fashion book Joanna Glogazy. It was after reading this book that I realized that minimalism is something I need. My life has changed by 180 degrees - I began to appreciate small things, pay attention to quality, not quantity and live life to the fullest. I got rid of everything that I didn't enjoy and which I never liked, and I felt sorry to give it away or throw it away. Minimalism has become my way of life. Ever since I became a minimalist, my life has been more beautiful.


When i read Be Chic guide! I realized that I have a shortage of shoes. It was true that I had some basics there, but I completely lacked shoes for spring and autumn (I plan to buy Jodhpur boots that match most of my stylizations). In the guide you will find the minimum when it comes to the mandatory wardrobe items. Things like trench coat, ballerina and little black dress appear there. Such basics of basics, thanks to which you will build classic and minimalist stylizations.


In May I decided to fill in the gaps, especially when it comes to spring shoes. This spring I put on nude color falling into pink. In autumn and winter I usually wear black clothes and accessories, and I associate spring with bright clothes and accessories. For cooler, spring days and warm autumn I decided to buy Kiomi oxford shoes in nude color. This model has been following me for some time. Oxford shoes are very comfortable, and at the same time give stylization a little elegant and nonchalant character. After all, this is a model of shoes that comes from the men's wardrobe.

Another pair of shoes that has appeared in my wardrobe are for tied ballerinas with a nose in a Mateo & Palazzo tip. The shoes are made of the highest quality leather imported from Italy. These ballerinas are not only cute, but also very comfortable (and I say this - a person who can even wipe Emu or Melissa!). I showed ballerinas in this stylization click. This model looks beautiful on the leg. For a long time I wasn't convinced to tie ballerinas, but now I can tell you that I have the impression that they look better than classic ballerinas. Especially when we dress them with dresses.

I still missed everyday shoes that I could wear for looser styling. So I bet on Kiomi leather espadrilles (I really like their company because they have minimalist clothes, as well as footwear and accessories). These are the most comfortable shoes in the world, made of very soft leather. They perfectly match spring stylizations. I couldn't decide whether to choose those with a black nose or all pink. Anyway, see for yourself what beautiful espadrilles Kiomi has in its offer. You can't pass by these espadrilles, especially since they are SUPER comfortable.

In the end I decided on the ones with a black nose, thanks to which this model fits both light and dark stylizations perfectly. My favorite set for these espadrilles is silk blouse from H&M Premium with frill i High-waisted jeans from Cubus.

At the moment I have supplemented deficiencies for the spring-summer season (in ballerinas and espadrilles I plan to go on cooler summer days, which according to forecasts will be a lot). For fall I will definitely have to supplement my wardrobe with Jodhpur boots, which will perfectly match my beloved jeans.