Are Parisians so perfect ?!

Parisian women are seen as perfect women. Confident, always neat, loving each other and their life. They are considered ideal in the world. I often get inspiration from my Parisian friends. Whether in terms of clothing or home accessories, I try to introduce French chic to my home permanently.

Recently, Kasia Tusk on her blog recommended the book "Lessons Madame Chic". As the topic of Parisians and their impeccable image has always inspired me, I decided to read the recommended book. Is it worth it You'll find out later in the note.

be Parisian
Madame Chic Lessons is the first of two parts of books about Paris, Parisians and the Paris theme. Most of the book are the memories of the author from her studies in Paris, and how this place inspired her to change.
An ordinary girl goes to the house of French aristocracy. Accustomed to the American way of life: eating in a hurry, watching a large amount of television and pushing junk food inside, it completely changes its approach to life. The beginnings can be difficult, but over time you start to feel at ease at parties, which are often organized just to meet friends.
In the book, the author presents a little idealized image of French women: beautifully dressed, ladies from good homes who care about themselves and their home. Unfortunately, this is not always the reality. Most French women have a very strong character and do not always have time to make dinner or clean.
The book is very light and pleasant to read. Unfortunately, I didn't learn anything from it that I didn't know, but I like the book very much: The author often emphasizes that every woman is beautiful, and also that everyone should find their inner peace, which is not always the case easy.
An issue that completely did not convince me is the 10-element wardrobe, as well as walking in home clothes around the house. For me, home is a place where you should wear clothes designed for that. I don't think home clothes are ugly (pulled out tracksuits and T-shirts fall off), but I can't imagine cooking in a satin dress. It's just not for me.
I recommend to every girl who is fascinated by Paris and its inhabitants. The book is full of humor (my favorite scene is when the tasteless cotton panties by Jennifer were the pride of the party), as well as a lot of advice on clothing and behavior in various situations that can be successfully used in everyday life.