Bell Cream CC

I bought this cream after opening the Hebe drugstore in my area. When I saw the cabinet of this company, I immediately knew that I would not have to drive and look for their cosmetics. It is a nightmare for me, because it is like the Tri-City, like Gdańsk, and Bell cosmetics are so poorly available.
Bell CC cream
I do not like heavy foundations, I try to replace them with toning creams that are much lighter. For me, any foundation, even if I apply a really small amount, causes the feeling that the skin is not breathing. No matter what foundation it is, my skin feels like that immediately after application. I thought that the minerals will be bull's eye in this case, but as I wrote some time ago - they are not for me because they cause terrible spills. No matter what I put on it. It is possible that I am allergic to them, because when I apply AM in the morning I have purulent pimples on my chin in the evening.
On Wednesday, I arranged an antibacterial treatment for a beautician. This is an electrocution procedure. I'm a little nervous, but I hope it's worth it. The plan to "have a smooth complexion by August" is in full swing. I do everything to reduce the beard pimples. They are resistant, but you can see little changes.
When it comes to CC cream, which is today's note, I chose the Beige shade, which is most suitable for my skin color. When it comes to my complexion, I try to avoid the sun, which doesn't have a positive effect on my problems. I use sunblock, which is why it is slightly lighter than the rest of the body. This shade is perfect.
The cream blends well with the skin color, it's not easy to hurt yourself with this cream. You would really have to overdo it with quantity. However, a little is enough to even the color and hide light imperfections. I emphasize - light. The cream does not cope with larger ones, but we do not expect miracles from the toning cream. Either way, it has better coverage than the Alterra toning cream I used before.
I apply the cream with a foundation sponge, which I once bought in Rossmann. I soak them first, and then apply the cream to it.
I don't use it every day because it contains silicones. It hasn't hurt me yet, but I can't imagine putting silicones on my face every day. In this way, the cream is on my face about 2-3 times a week, not more often and not 2-3 days in a row.
The product has brightening particles, thanks to it our face even though it looks gray and tired before applying, after applying we get the "wow" effect. Why? because the skin looks as if someone gave it an immediate glow. I really like this effect.
The advantage is that it does not emphasize dry skin, which even happened to me with Anabelle Minerals.

bell cream CC

The cream mats quite poorly (for me it is weakly less than 7 hours. Here, the mat stays on my face for about 4 hours), however if we use rice powder - they work very well together and the mat prolongs for another few hours.
CC does not rub off, in the evening when I wash my face with micelles, the evidence remains on the swab.
Price-wise, the product is one that is reasonably cheap. The product costs around PLN 17. for a tube of 30 ml. In my case it is efficient, but as I wrote, I do not use it every day. I think that if I used it every day with this efficiency it would be so ... I wonder how it would work in everyday use when it comes to acne. Would it be a surprise? Or maybe just the opposite - spill. Maybe someday I'll try ...
Another plus is that it contains UVA and UVB filters. For me it is very important for creams.
I think this cream is probably the best toning cream I've ever used. I will definitely buy another tube when I use the current one. I recommend it although I would like the mat to be bigger.
And soon about the cream with 10% mandelic acid, which begins to work slowly. However, I am curious what will happen next, which is why I will wait a little bit with the review.


12.03.2014 Cream after 2 months of use began to clog me terribly. There were more and more pimples. I stopped using it - I threw it in the bin.
For the first month he did wonderfully, then there was a tragedy ...