2015 Christmas wishlist

2015 Christmas wishlist

1. Zoeva brushes - a set of brushes has already appeared on the occasion of the previous wishlist. Unfortunately, I still haven't become their owner 🙁

2. Phenome Warming body butter - warming body butter with ginger or Pat & Rub enveloping body butter (available in Sephora). Phenome butter I used it a few years ago and I was totally enchanted with it. I also feel like trying out Pat & Rub. Apparently it smells crazy.

3. Quilted wallet - My wallet with Orsay is falling apart. Some time ago I saw a nice quilted wallet with TchiboI'm curious how it looks live and how much space it has inside. I don't know why, but I love quilted wallets.

4. Breo massager - Recently I have terrible backache. I could use it this massager (preferably in a set with scalp massagerwhich would stimulate my onions to grow)

5. Glam Glow, Thirstymud ™ Hydrating Treatment - I've heard so many positive reviews about Glam Glow that I'd like to try this moisturizing wonder.

6. Yoga mat - my mat bought in TK Maxx is nice, but unfortunately my hands slip on them. I am looking for a good mat that has good grip. In spring I would like to come back to yoga class. I felt great then!

7. Chanel Rouge Noir 18 nail polish - beautiful color. I associate this shade with cherry in chocolate. Live is even more beautiful. I am curious as with coverage - whether one layer or two is enough.