Do you know how much you can clean up in 15 minutes?

When I first met with this cleaning method, I thought it was funny. Little can be done for 15 minutes. I confess without beating - I was wrong.
Do you know how much you can clean up in 15 minutes?

In 15 minutes you can really do a lot! Did you know that in 15 minutes I was able to unpack the dishwasher, wash the stove, countertops and sweep the floor ?! Yes! I did all this in 15 minutes.
The first time I used this method, I was very surprised. After setting the timer and starting cleaning, I finished the task (for which I thought I needed so much time - unpack the dishwasher, put the dishes in place and wipe the counter above the dishwasher) ahead of time. I have 5 minutes left to finish.
Tonight I set the countdown timer to 15 minutes every evening and embrace the kitchen to prepare a meal the next day in a clean place. During this time, I wash the oven, unpack dishes from the dishwasher, dirty dishes land in the dishwasher, and also wash the countertops and put out the trash if the bag is full.
During this time, Piotr embraces the bathroom or bedroom (depending on which room needs cleaning).
Thanks to this, we are always ready for the arrival of unexpected guests (although I will not say that I am a fan of unannounced visits).

If you still don't believe that this method really works then you must try it out.

Denko: December 2015

How do you feel in the New Year? I still confuse 2016 with 2015 (typically at the beginning of the year). A few more weeks will pass and I will just change.
We entered the New Year with great hope for change. We have a lot of plans and we hope that we will be able to implement them, but we will talk about it on another occasion. In the meantime, I invite you to last year's December bottom.

In the shower

  1. Kneipp, shower gel Sweet harmony - I received the gel as part of cooperation with Kneipp for testing. Very nice smell, efficient. Unfortunately, he has SLS, so I won't go back to him.
  2. Facelle, intimate hygiene gel 50 plus - a huge favorite for a long time. Nice smell, low price, decent performance. Available in Rossmann.
  3. Sylveco, oat and wheat shampoo - I use shampoo not only me, but also Piotr recently. We are both very pleased. A huge plus for the natural composition.
under the shower


  1. Fuss Wohl, emollient foot cream - bought in Rossmann while looking for something really good. I was not disappointed, because this cream perfectly softens the feet and moisturizes them. It is quickly absorbed as for foot creams.
  2. Bielenda Argan Oil, face wash oil - due to the not very friendly composition I bought it for washing Blender Beauty. He proved to be really great in this role - he beautifully put on BB cream. I want to test the Protex soap yet, and if it does not work, I will definitely come back to this oil.
  3. Alterra lime oil and olive oil - I use this oil to wash off BB cream. It has a very nice smell, my face likes it very much. I also used it several times for hair and body. It also worked very well here.
  4. Sylveco, a herbal mouthwash - a post about this product is already queued. I think it's interesting enough that it deserves a separate review. For now I won't reveal the details.
  5. Sylveco, peeling lipstick - My lips fell in love with Sylveco lipsticks. Soon a review of sea-buckthorn and peeling lipstick will appear on the blog.
  6. Beauty blender - my huge favorite since I use BB cream Dr G. The sponge means that BB cream literally blends into the complexion. It will also be perfect for beginners because it doesn't streak. All you need to do is wet the Beauty Blender and apply BB cream / foundation by pressing the sponge to the skin in place. Recently I bought a sponge stationary in Sephora and I have a problem cleaning it, strange thing.
body care

Perfect Housewife

  1. Domol, dishwasher cleaning liquid - I really like Domol, often guests in my home. It's inexpensive and the products are really good quality. I use the dishwasher cleaning liquid once a month. I run the empty dishwasher along with the liquid. Thanks to this, it is clean and tidy, you also do not need to manually clean the filter.
  2. Domol, cloths to prevent dyeing - I already wrote about cloths on the blog (here). I add them to every wash so that I forget what dyed clothes mean.
  3. Mr. Muscle, window cleaner - recently, the Ajax we have used so far has changed its formula, making it terrible streaks. We switched to this fluid and we are very pleased. It cleans even the bathroom mirror, which is always the biggest problem.
perfect housewife