Valentine's gifts

Valentine's Day - some people love them, others hate them. We approach Valentine's Day and Valentine's gifts with great detachment. We have no problem spending this day completely ordinary. We assume that the key to a successful relationship is celebrating Valentine's Day at least a few times a year, not just once. However, we always make gifts for Valentine's Day - it's such a nice opportunity to give yourself presents outside the Christmas fever that is in December. Looking back, you can see that some of our Valentine's gifts were really fun.

valentine gifts - flower bouquet

Valentine's least hit gifts

Before we met, Piotr decided to give me a rather unusual gift. The moment Piotr handed me the envelope, I thought we would go to the theater or get a gift card for my favorite clothes shop. It turned out that my future husband came up with the idea of ​​buying a subscription to the aquapark in Sopot. There was one small problem - I can't swim.

An even more interesting story concerns a jointly planned gift. Two years ago we decided to make a day SPA for two in one of Sopot hotels. We could not wait, but something touched me to check the latest reviews about the place. It turned out that a lot of people complained that the massage was performed with ... rapeseed oil.

Two years ago, we decided not to celebrate Valentine's Day, but more specifically to buy presents. In return, Piotr decided to order food from our favorite restaurant. I completely did not know what it would be, but I still remember it, because since that time when I hear about green or red curry I remember that day. While I love yellow curry, green and red beat me. They are so spicy that I ate only a bite of these delicious dishes, but I probably drank liters of water with 2. Since then, I often choose dishes that we will eat in the restaurant.

perfect gifts for valentines day

Gifts that turned out to be a bull's-eye

Fortunately, most of the gifts we gave each other were hit. One of them was Piotr's dream watch with a blue dial or my dream gift - marbled headphones, and beige and black pumps with a bow, which, unfortunately, Semir first tested with his teeth. Fortunately, Piotr saved the bow, and Semir has since been prohibited from approaching our shoes. Apparently, a man should not buy shoes for a gift, because the woman will leave. If that were the case, we should not have been together for a long time, because I have received several pairs from Piotr. And I will definitely get one more, because my husband promised me to buy my dream shoes Chanel Slingback.

This year I got my Valentine's gift a few days earlier. Is him bag with pearls (I showed her at this photo on our Instagram profile). On this Valentine's Day Piotr was a dream present black bag, which he spotted at Zalando Lounge.

black bag from Zalando Lounge

What to buy the second half and how to dress for Valentine's Day

Depending on your level of familiarity, you can afford a more or less personal gift. We can include in the category of neutral gifts for men wallet or tie. However, it will certainly be for women jewelry or watch. The bottom line is to show the other half that you know her well. If you still have no idea what gift to buy, check out a small bowstring with presents for a loved one.

Regarding styling for valentine's day - first of all it must be elegant and femininebecause we want to delight the other half. For this occasion it will definitely be great little black dress with dotted tights. In addition, a red accent, reminding us that we are celebrating Valentine's Day - the day when love is the most important.

Do you celebrate Valentine's Day? Do you make gifts to each other? Do you choose your gift together? Share your best and least-hit gifts from the second half in the comments.