How to deal with lack of motivation?

no motivation

There are times in life when you don't want anything. I have something like that now. The fall chandra knocked on my door, although I thought it didn't concern me. The best solution would be to stop for a moment, look at everything in advance and think about what to do next. It is not always that simple, and not everything that seems to us is what it is (as I wrote recently click).

Boredom and tiredness

The most common reason for not being motivated is the lack of a specific occupation. If you do (something that you like) you immediately feel a surge of energy and a willingness to act. When you get bored, you fall into a state of general laziness, so the most important thing is to do something.

It can be a job, it can be a hobby. The most important thing is to like it, because no one enjoys doing something you don't like. In my case it's like dusting. I hate doing this because I know that in a moment our furniture will be covered with a layer of dust. I do not feel any pleasure when I do it, because in my subconscious I have that in a moment my actions will be in vain.

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As a result, I am discouraged from this duty and when I am to wipe the dust off my body begins to rebel. Suddenly I have to use the toilet, I want to eat or drink. It's a normal reaction to activities we don't like. Subconsciously, we are looking for another job just to do something else.

Change of environment

Very often in situations where we lack motivation and a desire to do anything, the reason is the environment in which we live. People usually get bored quickly with their surroundings, so it is advisable to introduce changes to the environment from time to time.

The easiest way would be to move, change the workplace, but we can't always afford it (unfortunately). In this situation, you need to make changes to your environment. Renovations or additions can change a lot, not necessarily with a lot of money.

Change of job

Lack of motivation is often associated with doing work that we don't like. In the case of work you like, it looks different. You feel a surge of energy every day, you have specific tasks and you don't get bored.

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If you have been thinking about changing jobs for a long time, or maybe you are looking for your career path - do not be afraid of changes. I know this may seem scary, but if you don't take the risk, you'll be stuck in vague and maybe never step on your dream career path.