Week after - effects of using colloidal silver

Just a week ago after aleppo after a long use massacred my face, I bought colloidal silver. Due to the fact that Invex Remedies was not in our pocket this month - we bought ordinary colloidal silver at the pharmacy for 39,39 PLN / 500 ml.
And now about what you are probably interested in the most - effects.

Colloidal Silver

Well, silver handles my face perfectly. I gave up washing my face with water again, only wiping it with 2-3 times a day. The effects can be seen today - the face has healed significantly and is getting smoother. All the pimples that I had were getting smaller, and interestingly - there are no new ones.
Silver has no restrictions that you must use it within 3 weeks, you also don't need to keep it in the fridge, just away from magnetic fields. The expiry date on the packaging indicates that it is best to use 2015 until January, so we have a lot of time. We will calmly use silver before the expiration date;)
P. also has a very good opinion about silver. With the naked eye you can see that his face is also stabilizing.
I am curious if this will continue - or is it just a temporary effect, but we will find out exactly in a month, when I am going to write you what my silver treatment looks like :)
Edit. I found very useful information - ,, Silver particles do not attack microorganisms directly. They work by deactivating the enzyme that unicellular bacteria, viruses and fungi use in aerobic metabolism. As a result of this process, these harmful microorganisms die within 6 minutes. And probably, because of this indirect process, bacteria are not able to develop resistance to silver particles, as is the case with antibiotics. "