TV series worth watching on Netflix

TV series worth watching on Netflix

We like to spend autumn evenings at home. Warm tea in hand, fragrance oils in the fireplace and a soft blanket are what I like the most. Plus Netflix and your favorite series, but ... which ones are worth watching? We gave up traditional television almost a year ago and do not think about returning (see why we gave up television).

Under the Dome

We watched this series some time ago, but if you don't know it yet, you can watch it on Netflix. Under the Dome is a series that was shot on the basis of Stephen King's book (Green Mile, you know?). Chester's Mill is covered by a dome. At first, no one knows what's going on, with time even stranger things happen. There is a shortage of electricity, food and water. How will the residents and people who have been closed under a huge dome deal with?

Stranger Things

The mysterious disappearance of Will Byers (a student at a nearby school) is just the beginning of the strange events that will haunt the town of Hawkins. The more that not only Will disappeared in an unexplained way. Who or what kidnaps people? You'll find out watching the series. Great actors play (great Eleven game) encourage you to watch the next episodes.

The Crown

New on Netflix, which we really liked. The Crown is a costume series that tells the story of Queen Elizabeth II. This series shows us the backstage of life of the royal couple and her family. Dark secrets, secrets and intrigues are one of the elements that accompany them every day.
I really like the actress who played the role of Elizabeth. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for the actor who plays her husband. In my opinion his play is completely bland, and the actor himself does not fit this role. Apart from this fact, we get a great series that is perfect for autumn evenings. Each episode lasts almost an hour (without a few minutes), so this is not a typical series that we will watch cooking dinner.
The advantage of Netflix is ​​that it is available throughout the entire season. So you don't have to wait for the next episodes of the series.

Grand Hotel

No series has drawn us like this Spanish production yet. We love costume series with a hint of comedy and romance, which is why we liked 100%. If you're fans of Downton Abbey, then you will definitely like this series. We watched Downton Abbey with great curiosity, often with tears in my eyes (from laughter and despair as well), but if I had to choose, I guess Gran Hotel was more to my liking. I have never laughed and cried while watching a TV series, and here it was.
Gran Hotel is a story about the owners of a large, luxury hotel. Intrigues like in Fashion for Success, laughter through tears, as well as the romance of a waiter with the daughter of the owner who spice up the whole series. This is what the Gran Hotel series is about.
I recommend watching this series with Polish subtitles, because you can learn many Spanish words while watching. The actors who played in this series did a great job. I particularly liked several roles: Julio, Alicia, Andreas (my favorite when it comes to playing this series!), Ayala (brilliant!) Mother of Andreas and Doña Teresa.

The 100

The second series, which dragged us for hours after the Gran Hotel, was a series about a group of people sent to Earth after almost a hundred years since the nuclear explosion caused by ... aaa we won't tell you anymore, watch it yourself :)
The task of the title hundred is to confirm whether the former planet is habitable again. What astonishment must be when it turns out that there is life on Earth and it is not its primitive form, but groups that have adapted to the prevailing conditions. The show is well done, but be warned, the first three episodes may take a long time. The sluggish start is compensated by subsequent, great views over the entire four seasons.
The cast of the series and the script itself is great. You can't predict exactly what will happen in the next episode. Fortunately, you don't have to wait for weeks on the next episodes on Netflix. We devoured the whole series (four seasons!) In two weeks. The perfect series for long autumn-winter evenings :) My favorite character is definitely Jaha and his devotion to the city of light ... I don't write anything anymore, you just have to watch it!


The series is about a group of scientists going to a remote base located in the Arctic. The goal is to save humanity from a deadly virus, not global warming!; D
The first season is quite interesting but the continuation of the second season is not the same. It happens to us very rarely, but we just did not watch the started series to the end, because it could not be watched again. The only positive from this series is the intro, which is a total contrast to the whole series.


If you liked the description of the series "Stranger Things" or you have already watched it before, it's time for another proposal from Netflix Original. Imagine that one day a loved one returns to your home and talks to you as if nothing had ever happened before - she just returned from work, school, etc. and there is no awareness that something is wrong. The series is made in a similar atmosphere to Stranger Things. Plus a great soundtrack and addictive script from the show. Another great item from Netflix Original.

with my workshop

Are you fans of Japanese productions? If you answered yes, or have never watched this type of production before (and you are looking for serial varieties) then take our word for it, it's worth spending time on this series. If you like watching anime, then you know more or less what you can expect from this type of production, in this case played by "live actors". However, it is neither dark nor infantile anime, which by the way is also available in the form of a series on Netflix - the series occurs under the title Fri. "Good Morning Call."
Returning to the merits, however, the described series tells the story of a young ambitious girl who is a fan of textiles. The heroine gets a job at the exclusive Japanese lingerie company "Emotion". Our favorite characters next to the main heroine is the owner of the Emotion company, confident, who knows what she wants from life. However, will Mayuko Kawakita find itself in such a specific and demanding industry with its innovative ideas ...?
To sum up another great item from Netflix. May future productions on this website maintain the current level, and we will never miss the traditional television, which falls pale with the offer offered by the modern Internet.

TV series worth watching

I like watching series. Today I would like to recommend a few of my favorites that are great for autumn evenings. If you haven't watched any of them - it's worth catching up.

1. One Tree Hill (Love Weather)

My beloved series - is about a group of high school students who live in the small town of Tree Hill. The first seasons show their adventures in high school, and the next in adulthood. The series has up to 9 seasons. I started watching it while in middle school, and recently I watched it for the third time (all seasons) with my husband. The series is light, but it transmits a lot of value.

2. La Dama Velata (Lady in the Black Veil)

Apparently, interest in the series has exceeded the producers' wildest expectations. In most of the countries where he was played - he achieved great success. I hit the series a few months ago completely by accident on TVP 1 and so drew me in that I watched all the episodes. The series tells the story of Clary, who grew up in the countryside. One day her father (count) came for her and arranged her marriage. Clara, who loves Matte (the boy she grew up with) is not happy with her father's decision.

3. Friends

I started watching the series when I was on sick leave. I got so hooked that I look forward to new episodes. The series is about 4 friends, whose adventures we can follow every Thursday in front of TV sets. I never stand and watch pre-release episodes on Ipla.

4. Magda M.

I remember waiting for every Tuesday when this series was broadcast. I didn't have a TV in my room, so I always begged my sister to follow Magda and Piotr. Of course, each time it was associated with an additional day of duty on washing the dishes, or going out with the dog. It was worth it;)

5. Jess and the guys

A very light and pleasant series, something like "Friends". Jess moves in with three boys with different personalities. The heroine of the series herself is a little shot, so there is no shortage of bursts of laughter. Apparently it will be the next season, I am very curious if it really will be so.
Do you like to watch series? Write in the comment if you can recommend some cool ones 🙂