I take what I can

Recently, I have been browsing a lot of blogs, especially through curly-haired blogs and homeless people. I was inspired by some thought about some blogs. I would like to share my thoughts with you.

I started blogging in 2009 on blog.pl. Initially, maybe 30 people entered the blog, very few people even knew about the existence of the D&P blog. A few years later, when I met P., we decided that we were moving to blogspot.com and that P. would create a Men's Department in which he would review cosmetics for men.

It was a time when I was a bit overwhelmed with cooperation, I literally took what I could. A cold shower was a review of herbal hair dye for me. The company from which I received the product for testing did not like that I wrote a negative review. It was the moment when I said "stop".

I began to analyze my previous cooperation. I also analyzed products that I tested with joy and those that I tested without too much emotion. Of course, it happened to me not once that a product that did not arouse great enthusiasm in me turned out to be very cool. But also that he was also hopeless. I have never hidden it in my reviews, which cosmetics companies have not always liked.

Today, when I receive test suggestions, I wonder twice. First of all, whether the product fits e.g. my skin type. I don't see any satisfaction in testing a dry skin product when I have mixed skin. If the product does not suit me or I am not interested, I politely reply that I do not want to test it.

Once I heard something from a friend that hurt me a lot: "It's nice to be a blogger because you have cosmetics for free." I do not treat the blog in the category of free cosmetics. For me it is more a desire to share with others on a topic that is close to me. For review, I was inspired by the blog of one of the girls who has a whole bunch of advertising banners, as well as her review, which from the beginning seemed to me not very honest. No specifics about the product, actually an opinion about nothing, and finally in the summary everything to the max, normally a perfect product. In addition, thanks to the company that it could test the product. Unfortunately, every second note on her blog looks the same. With the same (plus / minus 0,5 points) rating.

The unreliable review meant that I would not return to her blog anymore. Unfortunately, other girls are coming back, unaware that this blogger is taking everything as she falls. I would not be surprised if I saw on her blog a review of tablets for constipation or other equally absurd product that I received for testing.

What do you think about testing everything as it falls? Don't you notice that there are more and more low-value bloggers counting only on free cosmetics?