Be Beauty care hand cream (red)

I have heard a lot of good about this cream: it moisturizes, smells good and is cheap.
Recently, however, I was not on the way to the ladybug, so I delayed buying it. Soon, however, it landed in my basket, because its predecessor was already completely used up.
hand cream
Did this cream delight me? Is it worth buying it? You'll find out later in the note.
The cream actually costs little money, which encouraged me to buy it. In addition, the fact that its predecessor was actually empty (the cut packaging is unlikely to be put in the bag), which is why I decided to test the touted Be Beauty red cream.

Why red Well, for a simple reason, it has a red packaging, but also in this tone is the product itself (slightly pink).
My basic mistake was that I was buying cream at a very fast pace (between a visit to the dentist and shopping in another store), so I didn't have time to smell it, but only looked at the packaging.

After a few days, when I fully used my previous cream, I dropped the Be Beauty product into my purse. I tried it for the first time at work and it was a big mistake.
After opening the package, a slightly pink cream with an awful smell appeared. I know that the smell is a matter of taste, but it completely does not convince me, it even rejects. I am not a fan of highly perfumed products, and here the fragrance plays the first role.
Every time I use this cream, I don't get any pleasure from it (when it comes to the nose). Yes, the product moisturizes the skin very well, but I try to use it only before sleeping. During the day, I just can't stand this intense smell.

The product is slightly thick, but absorbs well, which also speaks for its plus.

Unfortunately, I did not like this product (the smell rejects me), which is a pity, because the hands after it are very smooth, which I expect from hand creams.