African snail mucus cream opinion

On the Internet you can read a lot of opinions on how to obtain mucus from a snail. That is why in this post I will avoid duplication and creation of more or less credible stories. However, if someone is looking for specific information, it hit perfectly. Certainly, most of us will be made aware of where snail-based mucus products come from. Asia, and more specifically products from the democratic part of Korea, came to us and enjoy great success in Europe.
Searching for a scientific explanation of the phenomenon of the filtrate from snail mucus, I did not have to look far. As it turned out, in a place known for the fact that it hosts the largest event for bloggers from all over Poland every year, "See Bloggers" is the Science and Technology Park in Gdynia. Imagine that a Polish company from Elbląg tested a way to obtain the best quality mucus from a snail in the aforementioned place. I mention this fact because in the post summary you will find out where the miracle effect comes from.

Why exactly Mizon Black Snail All In One Cream?

We were very lucky to test with Dominika produkty based on snail slime from the company Mizon. When choosing cosmetics for testing, I focused only on the product, which helped to finally finish the fight with my problematic complexion. To make sure that a particular product is responsible for success or failure in tests, I decided to use only one product, the All in One cream with African snail mucus.
After the cosmetic procedures described earlier on God, I still had a problem with proper hydration of the face skin. My condition deteriorated and improved, and I had to fight discoloration.

Good, bad beginnings ...

The first attempt was a failure for me. However, it was my fault because I applied too much product and did it too often during the day. I waited for about two weeks and the allergy that was caused by improper use of the cream has passed. I started to apply the product again according to the instructions on the packaging. After cleaning the skin, I rinse my face with colloidal silver and then pat a small amount of the product before bedtime.

Remember that the most important thing when applying any product is patting it instead of spreading unless you want to moisturize your hands, not your face.

The first effects were visible after the first week of use. I have seen an improvement in facial skin hydration and overall skin condition. In the following weeks, the complexion took on such a long-awaited effect. Discoloration and minor irritations healed and the final effect was achieved. In the following pictures you can compare the effect before and after applying the cream with African snail mucus.

The product is very efficient, it was enough for me for two months of application with daily use for the first three weeks. Later I used the cream every two days to maintain the desired effect.

A miracle or maybe not? ...

Returning to the beginning of the post and research results from the laboratory at PPNT in Gdynia. I read important information that I couldn't find on other blogs. Instead of describing to you how a glass jar is held in your hand and how the packaging looks exclusive, it is more important to understand that cosmetics with snail mucus are not a miracle effect, but pure science. The All in One cream is rich in proteins, which are the building blocks of epithelial cells. This causes the stimulation effect to produce collagen and elastin. Writing more simply, it affects the renewal of skin tissue and softening existing scars so that wounds heal faster.
Hyaluronic acid is another ingredient responsible for proper hydration. Snail mucus also has active substances that help fight acne. It is really a natural antibiotic that fights acne bacteria. In addition, glycolic acid is responsible for the proper processes of exfoliation of dead epidermis. A substance like allantoin soothes irritations and speeds up the process called healing.


In my example, you can see that this product really works. However, this particular product from Mizon is not entirely perfect. In its composition contains paraffin in the composition described as Synthetic wax. However, the remote position in the composition suggests that we won't find too much of this undesirable ingredient in this product. In my case, snail slime cream turned out to be the proverbial hit.