How to achieve success

how to achieve success

Everyone's dream is a success in many areas of life. People like to achieve success because it is measurable (e.g. good evaluation, higher earnings through promotion or more blog readers). Everyone will not succeed. For this you need a bit of luck to be in the right moment and at the right time.

Many factors contribute to success. However, you need to know what your goal is. You won't succeed without it.

Specify the goal

To succeed, you must first set a goal. It can be a professional goal, the goal can also be to write a master's thesis (who has such a goal?). The main thing is to determine what we strive for. Otherwise we will not know exactly what we really want.
It should also be remembered that the goal must be adequate to the current situation. If we earn poor money, our goal should rather not be to buy a villa with a pool. You must always set a goal that will be real.

Do not give up

Certainly there will be moments of doubt, you will think about giving up more than once. The most important thing is to fight and treat defeats as even more motivation to act.

Find an ally

Find an ally, i.e. someone who will motivate you and support you in difficult times. In my case, Piotr is such a person. No matter what happens, he can always look at the situation with a sober eye. When I start to doubt, he is my ally and motivates me to act. Of course, the reverse is the same.
There are people who are afraid to pursue their goals and accept life as it is. Such people will not achieve much, because they will always be afraid of "throwing themselves into deep water". Don't try to understand people who say they will fail. If you are sure of what you are doing, strive to achieve the goal. They will say that you were lucky (and they won't see your hard work in achieving the goal).

Don't be ashamed of what you do

Are you doing something cool? Don't be ashamed of it. Perhaps crocheting in a drawer is your key to success? Maybe thanks to this you will achieve success, and the villa with the pool will not be only in the sphere of your dreams?
In the case of our blog, at the beginning it was ashamed to tell anyone about its existence. Even to Piotr. My blogging dates back to middle school. I have unpleasant experiences with this because a person strongly criticized him among friends.
It was a stupid age when I was very concerned about the opinions of others and wanted to be accepted at all costs (and it used to be different). Fortunately, I have found that it is not worth worrying about the opinion of such people. You have to go ahead and not look back. If famous people were bothered by any bad opinion - today there would be no singers, actors or models.
What is on your list of goals to be achieved in the near future?