How to clean a hairbrush?

Reading the book "500 uses baking soda" Lansky Vicki (I recommend the book, because thanks to it I learned that baking soda + vinegar are irreplaceable products that you can do almost anything;))

The brush / comb is a real breeding ground for bacteria. Dead skin, nail polish, styling cosmetics remain on them. Bacteria have a lot of time to get to them, so it's important that we clean not only brushes, but also hair accessories regularly. I don't have to mention that if we don't do it, we can get dandruff, or worse, seborrheic dermatitis or ringworm?

There are several ways to clean hairbrushes and combs: 1. Cleaning with a toothbrush (of course not used) with the addition of a mild shampoo.

1. Brush the shampoo or comb with a shampoo brush. Varnish residues, dead skin will disappear in the blink of an eye. Hair accessories can also be soaked in shampoo for a few hours.

2. Dipping the comb and brushes in a baking soda solution We immerse the utensils in a soda solution (4 spoons, 1 liter of water), and after a while rinse under running water. Thanks to this, we not only clean them but also disinfect them.

3. Clean with shaving foam Shaving foam will take dirt away from our accessories. Just apply a large amount on the comb or brush. We can also use a brush to thoroughly clean the utensils. After cleaning, rinse them under running water.

4. Washing combs in the dishwasher Exactly! You can throw plastic combs (made of thicker plastic) into the dishwasher. This may appear to be poorly hygienic, but when washing in the dishwasher, the temperature is high enough to kill bacteria. WARNING! We need to check if our comb will deform during "washing".

5. The hair dye brush is suitable for cleaning A hair dye brush can be great for cleaning a brush or comb. For the cleaning itself, we can use either a soda solution or shampoo.

I found such an object: it is called EFALOCK and is presented as a brush cleaner. I must admit that I have no idea how it works;) Do you remember to wash your hair regularly?