The best ebook reader

Pocketbook ebook reader, Slow Fashion book

The ebook reader has been following me for a long time. I just didn't know which ebook reader to choose. At first I thought it wasn't for me because I am a huge fan of traditional books. They have something that I can't resist. However, this ebook reader is really good. So much so that I slowly forget about traditional books.
But as I mentioned, I noticed that books began to take up a lot of space, which after reading many books and articles on the subject of minimalism, etc., began to make a huge difference to me.
I spent almost two weeks reviewing ads, forums and opinions about readers. The reader came out a little more expensive than I expected, but from experience I know that sometimes it is worth paying extra and buying something better.

In the end I decided on Pocket Lux Touch 2which I got at a really great price on one of the auction sites.

I have read 3 books at the moment and I still can't get enough. The reader is much lighter and more handy than a regular book.
What I was afraid of was eye strain, however display technology Pearl E-ink makes me feel no more tired than if I read a traditional book.
Turning to technical issues, another important issue for me was backlight. This is not a standard, and to find a reader at a good price and with backlight you have to look good.
Another thing to look out for is resolution. The higher, the better. My 6-inch Pocketbook has a resolution of 1024 x 758.
From experience I know that you need to pay attention to whether the previous page breaks through reading, for me there is no such problem. In addition, it should be noted that Pocketbook opens a lot of book formats, so when buying a book I don't have to worry about what format I will get it in.
You can buy the version of Touch Lux 2 reader here.
If you choose a reader, remember about the reader case. Thanks to this, it will serve you for a very long time.


I am very happy with the reader and I often take it when I know that I will have a moment to read. It is small, and it has excellent performance (I have had the reader for over a month, I read a lot and I still have 80% battery!).
I didn't want a reader Kindlebecause in my opinion it's overrated. I'm not a freak of apples and other top companies. Brand is completely irrelevant to me, it is important for me that a given item or equipment serves well.
I recommend the equipment to anyone who suffers from a lack of space for books, as well as to those who do not like to tug unnecessary weights with them :)