The final summary of posts about Darsonval Derma Wand

Recently, I get a lot of questions about Darsonval. I thought I was able to exhaust this topic with previous notes about the darsonval device, but in fact there is an issue I forgot - what is darsonvalization and how to do it. This applies to the use of Darsonval, and more specifically what treatments we can use before Darsonvalization, and which after.

darsonval device packaging

Differences between Darsonval and Derma Wand

The first thing I would like to mention is that Darsonval and Derma Wand This is the same. Many of you ask about this, so I want to dispel any doubts in this topic. I still use Darsonval. The pelots have not broken, the device continues to operate properly. I do not use the device as regularly as before, but not less often than 3 times a month for the face and once a month on the hair to stimulate the roots.Darsonval you can buy here at a good price.

Before using Darsonval, the most important thing is to thoroughly cleanse your face. It's best to use a sonic brush for this purpose or simply perform a slow and thorough peeling. We can make a mask later. Darsonval is best used as the end of all skincare treatments.

After making the mask and thoroughly washing it, we must wait for complete drying of the skin face, otherwise we can break the Darsonval pelot or the Derma Wand device.

inside of darsonval packaging

Pelota damage during darsonvalization

And as we are already damaged pelottes, you can order them on the Allegro separately for a dozen or several dozen zlotys, depending on its type. A lot of queries come about the roller and its use. My kit does not have this pelota, I have never used it, therefore I can not say anything about it. The only thing I can tell you is what I read, namely that the pelota is intended for larger areas of the body, including back. I think it could be helpful with acne that appears quite often in the neck area and shoulder blades.

You also often ask whether or not Darsonval will also cure acne on the back. Definitely yes, here this device will also be very helpful.

If you haven't read the Darsonval posts, you can find them here:

Face care - update

One of you asked for a small update when it comes to my face care. Unfortunately, I have to sadden you, but my care has changed little.
If you have not read the notes about face care, or you are interested in a small change that followed, I invite you to the rest of the note.
When I get up in the morning, the first thing I do is rinse my face with colloidal silver. This is a kind of introduction to facial cleansing, which usually occurs after 15 minutes (during this time I feed my rabbit).
When I take a shower, I wash my face with a sonic toothbrush from Tchibo (review soon) with the addition of a Cetaphil facial cleanser. Usually, after facial cleansing gels I had an unpleasant feeling of tightness. After Cetaphil, my skin is pleasantly moisturized.
I've been wiping my face with a paper towel for over a year. If you have complexion problems, I recommend this method. Thanks to this treatment, if a pimple appears to me, it is not transferred to other parts of the face. I press the paper towel lightly to my face, collecting excess water from it.
I still use BB Dr G hydra intensive cream and for sure this product will stay with me as long as it can be bought. Is perfect.
After returning from work:
The first thing I do after returning from work is make-up removal. I don't like walking around the house in makeup, it's the time and place where I let my skin breathe.
For make-up removal I use Bielenda Cotton or Avocado two-phase liquid. Currently it is Cotton.
After the first stage of makeup removal, I rinse my face with colloidal silver to wash off the remains of BB cream and a slightly greasy layer, which leaves the two-phase liquid.
After removing make-up, I apply Bandi cream with mandelic acid. Once a week, I put Bielenda almond mask on my face.
In the evening:
I wash my face with colloidal silver or black cumin. After washing my face, I apply Bandi mandelic acid cream and go to sleep.
Every approx. 2 weeks I use darsonval (approx. 15 minute session).
As you can see, my care has not changed significantly since the last note of this type. The products that I use serve my skin and I don't feel the need to change them.