Darsonval - application, contraindications to the use of darsonval

At the request of one of the readers I will write you detailed applications, contraindications to using darsonval. The post was based on the instructions I received for the device darsonval, also called Derma Wand. If you're curious, how is it different? Darsonval from Derma Wand, be sure to check out this post, where I explain how these devices differ. In this post I focus mainly on the use and contraindications to use the device, and there is a bit of it. Before buying the device, especially with contraindications.

disinfecting and bactericidal device

When can Darsonval help?

  • adolescent acne (the instructions are written to use Darsonvalu consult a dermatologist for rosacea)
  • removing scars
  • skin firming
  • eliminating discoloration
  • oxygenation of the skin
  • skin disinfection after manual cleansing
  • herpes
  • inflammation of follicle
  • soothing the skin after depilation
  • dandruff
  • hair loss (including alopecia areata)
  • closing hair cuticles
  • eczema
  • stretch marks
  • mimic wrinkles (I have heard that it is also recommended for wrinkles related to skin aging)
  • sensory disturbances
  • frostbite
  • insomnia
  • sinus pain
  • muscle and joint pain
  • circulatory disorders
  • migraine
  • bulb nutrition disorders (weakening of the bulbs)
  • oily hair

Contraindications to the use of the Darsonval (Derma Wand) device

  • metal implants
  • fixed braces
  • epilepsy
  • allergies (fresh rash)
  • asthma
  • severely capillaries (I also have broken capillaries, but this is not a problem. This is really a capillary complexion)
  • swelling
  • hypertension
  • pregnancy
  • hyperactivity
  • fear of the sound of electricity
  • open wounds
  • fever / feverishness

Treatments that you can do with Darsonval

1. pelottic massage "mushroom" aimed at improving the overall condition of the skin, strong bactericidal action 2. treatment of skin breakouts with the help of a "mushroom" or "3" spot. relaxing massage with a tear pad 4. cleaning and treatment of 5 scalp. fight against frostbite 6. fight against pharyngitis 7. fight against problematic bays.

When ordering, I received detailed descriptions of the above treatments (what and how to do). This is very helpful especially during initial use Darsonvalu. I usually use the "mushroom" pelottes, as well as the other "spot" pelottes (when a single pimple pops out) and "tears" for darsonvalization around the nose.

Darsonval - What is that? How it works? What does it help?

Darsonval changed my life. I can say that openly to everyone. Thanks to him my life has changed. How does Darsonval work? What is? what did he help me with I will not bore you with the history of this product, if anyone is interested - I refer to Google :) Today I would like to present a gadget that changed my life. The note will be a little longer than usual, but I wanted to convey my experience in it, so I hope you will forgive me this large amount of text 😉

darsonval packaging and pelottes

I learned about darsonval from my beautician, who I complained about, that nothing helps me fight acne. In addition to facials, she told me to come to her at darsonval twice a week. Curious, I asked her what this was all about, which I couldn't even pronounce at first.

Darsonval you can buy here at a good price

Darsonval (also often called Derma Wand) is a device that produces ozone, where the pelota comes into contact with our skin. The action of ozone is beneficial to our skin - not only antibacterial, but also antifungal. It stimulates cell renewal processes and oxygenates them. Such actions have a beneficial effect on acne, as well as small wrinkles - regular use of darsonval makes our skin look fresh and radiant, and all imperfections disappear. The manufacturer's promises are not just promises. For the first time I must admit that all promises have been fulfilled. My dreams to eliminate acne have also been fulfilled.

darsonval device

But first I would like to tell you about why I bought it instead of going to a beautician. Well, my beautician, as I wrote above, offered treatments twice a week. The cost was not excessive because it amounted to PLN 10. for a visit, which gave 20 PLN during the week and PLN 80 in the month. I quickly came up with the brilliant idea of ​​looking for darsonval on the allegro. It was not difficult, because there were a lot of darsonvali. Later, there was only a conversation with a beautician friend about the best one and clicking "Buy now".

darsonval pelota mushroom

I don't regret buying darsonval. Firstly, because it was more profitable to own it than to spend PLN 80 every month. The more that I paid 200 PLN for darsonval. with the package. The money spent returned very quickly.

The seller from whom I made the purchase sent me an e-mail with instructions for use and sample procedures that can be performed with darsonval. The instrument comes to us in a box lined with a sponge. It separates very delicate, glass pelottes from the device. Darsonval can be used not only on the face (pelota ,, mushroom ”, spot pelota, pelota ,, teardrop), but also on the hair, to stimulate the bulbs to grow, and also to prevent, among others hair loss (using a pelota 'comb').

darsonval pelota comb

In the pelot (glass tip, which we put on the face or comb) after starting darsonval we can notice a reddish or blue ray of light. This is not a bad thing, it is a sign that darsonval is ready for work. We put the pelottes for a few seconds when using them pointwise or move the pelottes without prolonged stopping (when using the "mushroom" pelota).

WARNING! it is very important that our skin or hair (depending on where we use Darsonval) be completely dry. Otherwise there is a risk that the glass pelota will break. Darsonval can be used with ampoules, but they cannot be water-based and oily.

darsonval point pelota

D'arsonval's currents are to stimulate the bulbs to act. Currently, I apply darsonval on my hair about once or twice a month, while on my face - once a week. With the earlier condition of my complexion, I used 3 days for the first week and then 2 times a week. Today it is enough only once a week. Of course, provided that nothing grows to me - if I notice that something is happening on my face - with the help of a spot pelota I get rid of pimples already in the development phase. I put the pelota point for approx. 7 seconds at the site of bloom. Darsonval has a very long list of applications including adolescent acne (I used it for purulent and subcutaneous eruptions - in both cases darsonval coped well).

darsonval pelota tear

I also use this gadget when I feel that mypes (characteristic itching) are growing. Thanks to him I was able to "kill" her in 3 days before it developed. I did not use patches or products that I usually used when I had herpes.

It can also be used in the fight against visible scars (I admit that I did not use it, but I have to try it because I have a scar after a dog once bitten me in the colony), greasy hair (including alopecia areata), dandruff, falling out hair, mimic wrinkles, discoloration, and even with problems falling asleep. Believe me, this is just a tiny part of Darsonval's uses.

My fight against acne was very long and winding. At the moment I can breathe a sigh of relief because I managed to win this fight.