Morphology results after 11 months of being veg

A few days ago I was forced to do a blood donation, so I paid a dozen or so zlotys and performed the morphology at one go. The vision of sticking again in a few months did not appeal to me at all, so I did everything right away.


Often opponents of vegetarian and vegan diets threaten that not eating meat are iron deficiencies, etc. Well, nothing like that in my morphology came out. Interestingly, I was doing my last research while I was eating meat, so I could compare it.
Every time I do the morphology, I get quite large iron deficiencies, and this time the results were just 0,5.
As you can see, you are scared that being on a vegetarian or vegan diet is a shortage ... a myth! Nothing like that happens.
Many of you ask how I survive without meat, you say you can't imagine it. I don't think about it at all, and I don't lack meat. Since I don't eat meat, I feel very good, my stomach problems are gone by the touch of a magic wand.

The skin is still in very good condition. Change of diet: a lot of vegetables, seeds and pips do their job. Now I just have to deal with hypothyroidism, which unfortunately has recently also affected me.

Now I know where hair loss, despite proper care, as well as other, among others lethargy, nervousness. I learned about hypothyroidism completely by accident, because the gynecologist referred me to the tests: Aspat, Alat and TSH. An elevated amount of TSH indicates hypothyroidism.

The norm is 4,7 but I have the 5,93 result, so this is how you see a lot too much. I do not know yet exactly what the treatment will look like, because I just got a referral to an endocrinologist, on a thyroid ultrasound and once again (unfortunately!) I will have to draw blood. We'll see what happens next.b