Sweet potatoes - why is it worth eating them and how to prepare them?

Sweet potatoes are associated only with one of my favorite childhood stories - Świat According to Ludwiczek. Mama Ludwiczka (Ora) was a huge fan of sweet potatoes. She usually cooked or baked them for special occasions. When I was young, I always wanted to try sweet potatoes, but they were not so popular and even in the largest stores they were unlikely to be available. Fortunately, everything has changed and now each of you can easily buy and try sweet potatoes.

Sweet potatoes are one of my favorite vegetables, even though I discovered them only recently. You can eat them in many ways - cooked, baked (I like them the most), sweet and sweet. In addition to taste, they are also very healthy and strengthen immunity, so it's worth to include them in the menu, especially in the autumn and winter (for colder days I recommend especially sweet potato curry or simply baked with other vegetables. It's really simple and a tasty dish that not only saturates, but also warms up perfectly).

Why is it worth to eat sweet potatoes and how to prepare them?

Sweet potatoes became very popular in Poland when it turned out that they are rich in calcium, potassium, manganese, phosphorus and are simply delicious. In the sweet potatoes we find beta-carotene, which is called youth vitamin because it fights free radicals. Sweet potatoes reduce the risk of heart disease as well as cancer. Sweet potatoes are especially indicated for diabetics because they have a low glycemic index and lower blood glucose levels. Interestingly, sweet potatoes contain more lutein than broccoli (which is hated by a lot of people, especially children), spinach (which a lot of people don't like too) or pumpkin. Sweet potatoes not only protect your eyesight, but also have a good effect on memory.
Sweet potatoes can be prepared in many ways. The most popular way of serving them is baking, cut into slices or cubes, or as fries with spices (I usually add rosemary or Herbes de Provence or oregano. Sweet pepper). Equally tasty are cooked, although I prefer baked (cooked taste like a carrot for me, which I do not like). You can also make sweet pies with sweet potatoes, but I have not dared to make sweet potato pies. If you've ever eaten sweet potato pie, be sure to let it know in the comments if it's tasty and whether it's worth making it. Apparently sweet potato bread is as tasty as banana bread.
how do you eat sweet potatoes

How to buy sweet potatoes?

Sweet potatoes are increasingly available in supermarkets and hypermarkets. You don't belong to the cheapest vegetables, but you can often get them in the promotion (for example in Biedronka). When buying sweet potatoes, choose those sweet potatoes that have no spots or skins. They must also be hard (those that were soft already lay a little in the store and are not fresh). We store sweet potatoes in the same way as regular potatoes. Preferably with access to fresh air and not too warm place.

Favorite sweet potato fries

Preferably serve sweet potatoes baked in the oven. Cut sweet potatoes into the shape of French fries with a lot of spices (salt, rosemary or Herbes de Provence, sweet pepper and a little oil to sprinkle sweet potatoes). Sweet potatoes baked around 20 minutes in 180 degrees. After this time, I check if they are soft, and if not, they bake for an additional 5-10 minutes (until they are soft and brown). Serve usually with salads. In autumn they are usually silage, e.g. sauerkraut or cucumbers. In addition, ketchup with good composition and a nutritious (and also quick and simple) dinner is ready.
Sweet potato tachini sauce goes great (you can make the simplest tahini sauce with 2 Spoons of sesame paste, a little lemon juice, salt, pepper. I also add a clove of garlic, but this is not necessary) and pomegranate seeds, which not only they look nice, but they also taste great. Sweet potatoes can also be eaten sweet with cinnamon, which further enhances their taste.