Styling with a black MLE jacket with gold buttons

Finding a good quality (longer) jacket is a real challenge. Therefore, as soon as I saw that a regular black jacket with a good composition appeared in the MLE Collection - it immediately went to my basket. With MLE, it is the first come, first served basis. Girls often 'throw' at new products, and then it remains only to wait for returns to hunt down the dream thing.

Nevertheless, this is one of my favorite online stores where I know I will be happy with my purchase. Only once did I send back the ordered item - a sweater, which turned out to be very oversized. Anyway, finding a non-oversize sweater last season was really difficult.

black jacket with gold buttons

For the black MLE jacket, which is longer than the classic ones, I have chosen black tubes and a striped blouse with short sleeves. When we were taking photos of the stylization it was really warm, and even though I was wearing a jacket all the time - I felt very good. It is very airy and will definitely be perfect for spring stylizations, when it is still quite cold in the morning.

styling with a striped blouse

Black tubes are my frequent choice lately. I still love jeans the most, but when I want to give styling a little elegance, I choose Calzedonia tubes. I have already shown them on the blog and I still say that these pants are great, because their knees do not push out.

black calzedonia tubes

office styling

small varnished purse

A black and gray lacquered purse with a gold clasp fits perfectly with buttons in a jacket. It is true that I am not a fan of gold jewelry, but gold accessories such as buttons or purse closure are absolutely fine for me. Interestingly, I found a good purse in SH 10 years ago. I wear it quite rarely, because it is too small for me every day, which is why, apart from the features on the front, there are no signs of use.

espadrilles in the spring

striped blouse with stylizations

gold monstera necklace

Kiomi espadrilles pink

black women's blazer

jacket blazer reviews

In spring and summer I prefer espadrilles. This model is not only comfortable, but also works well in stylizations for warmer days. I bought these espadrilles last summer at Zalando. I really like their color, they were all black, but I found that a bit brighter color was needed in spring.

MLE jacket is worth buying

Jacket - MLE Collection

Striped blouse with short sleeves - H&M

Black tubes - Calzedonia

Espadrilles - Kiomi

Painted purse - SH

Monster's necklace - Korallo