Is the Parisian Housewife the Perfect Housewife ?!

I wrote about the Madame Chic book series some time ago. Today I would like to talk a little bit about the second part, "At home Madame Chic", which I liked more than the first part.

to be Parisian
The book is addressed to women who run (or start running their own home). Interesting information will also be found by young mothers who do not yet know exactly how to embrace their lives after the birth of a toddler. Apparently, the world after the birth of a child turns upside down;)
In addition to many tips on running a home, the book also includes detailed beauty tips including recipes for homemade cosmetics, or step by step instructions to make dazzling hairstyles. The topic of 10-element wardrobe is discussed in detail, which, as you know, I did not quite like.
I really liked the musical suggestions for every day support. I really like classical music as well as French songs, which is why I have listened to most of the proposed songs.
Another issue that motivated me was the definition of the "hot spots" that form at home. It can be a cabinet in the kitchen or a table in the living room. For me, the "hot spot" can be defined as the kitchen, which after each cooking takes at least a few hot spots. Since I started to follow the advice contained in the book, my kitchen shines with purity.
Cleaning up on time is another issue that I have introduced to my life. It has always been a nightmare to unpack the dishwasher. Until now, I thought it took me 10-12 minutes, so I set the time. As it turned out, this action only takes me 6 minutes. I was surprised, but immediately my attitude to unpacking dishes changed. Since I know it takes less time than I thought, it is easier to motivate me to do this.
I liked this part much more because I could get more out of it for everyday use.
I won't tell you more, it's best if you read the book yourself. It is very light and reads quickly. Just in time for spring evenings.

Have you read this book? Did you like it