Aleppo soap with black cumin oil - hit or putty?

I have complained about aleppo so many times, and I haven't told you the details of my treatment with this soap.

Over aleppo was so much delight that I was tempted to this product - promises of a beautiful, smooth face, without any imperfections ... unfortunately in my case there were only promises ...

The first soap I tested was a soap from M., and more precisely a piece, because aleppo is so cool that it can be divided into pieces (it greatly facilitates use) and is very efficient.
My soap costs around PLN 15, stationary. Unfortunately I have not seen it anywhere, but you will definitely find them in online stores and on allegro.
The composition is in 100% natural - Olea Europaea Oil (olive oil), Laurus Nobilis (bay oil), Aqua, Nigella Sativa (black cumin oil) and Sodium Hydroxide (sodium hydroxide).
As you can see the composition is short and very transparent. It would seem ideal. But are you sure?
Black cumin oil is especially recommended for acne, but also for all types of skin allergies. I am the owner of this and that, I also decided that it is worth a try.
The soap itself has a specific color - slightly yellow on the outside, green on the inside. The smell in my opinion is very nice, but I like such strange smells of cosmetics, which is why it may not suit everyone.
The first weeks of use passed under the sign of deterioration of the skin condition. I used the soap with tap water, filtered, boiled ... all the time the effect of deterioration was unfortunately maintained.
With aleppo I have withstood 2 months. At that time, my face looked terrible. Even in the greatest period of my fight against acne, I didn't have such a thing in my mouth. In fact, after each washing my face, I had a new surprise. When my face turned into a massacre, i.e. pimple on pimple, I said "enough!"
Ever since I put the aleppo on my face, my skin has improved day by day - pimples began to disappear, and the next ones popped up in the same way as before using aleppo.
Judging by what happened to me, my face is really at least unique. And aleppo and mineral powders that are praised into the heavens make me worse. Initially, I thought that my skin was cleansing and that is why it was such an effect, but after two months it would be normal for the normal person to see an improvement. I'm worse and worse all the time ...
Currently, I use aleppo once a week for body washing, where it works very well, although I still have the impression that it dries my skin a bit (and it was supposed to work the opposite way !!!!), anyway if I have an allergy attack and my skin starts to itch, in the shower I reach for aleppo. After washing, the skin is soothed and allergic fires are extinguished.
For me, aleppo when it comes to caring for mouths, it has completely failed, but my allergic skin on the body is grateful to him for soothing effects.

How to fight acne?

My fight against acne is long and bumpy. Actually, no changes have been seen for 6-7 years. At the last visit to the cosmetician on the regulation of the eyebrow I was desperate what treatment would recommend to my terribly capricious skin.
How to fight acne?

We talked for a long time, we analyzed the fight for a smooth face to date, the treatments I had (sonophoresis, cavitation peeling) and we decided to try something different. Darsonvalization (something that I couldn't pronounce at the beginning, because it reminded me of a linguist and something I had never heard of).
Today I am after the first full procedure, which consisted of cavitation peeling, darsonvalization facial massage and clay mask. I paid 85 PLN for the whole.
Now, to get better results, I will go once a week to the darsonvalization itself, the cost of which will fluctuate in 15-20 PLN. depending on the area where I will have to have surgery.
The Darsonvalization procedure is performed with a glass head (as much as I saw, because during the procedure it is necessary to keep your eyes closed [apparently damages your eyesight]). It was only on the internet that I saw the device in its full splendor;)
It is a high-frequency shock treatment that manifests itself as "sparking". As a result, ozone is produced, which has a strong disinfecting and antibacterial effect.

Darsonvalization is used for acne, skin irritation and even baldness! there are also some contraindications: pregnancy, hypertension, edema, heart disease, skin damage and wounds, inflammation, fever, asthma, metal implants. However, in my opinion they are not very big. The beautician normally asks about the above issues before the procedure.

I am impressed because my face looks soothed already today. Admittedly, I see that 2 pimples want to go outside, but the rest seems to be just killed. Anyway, see for yourself.
If the effects are to be better and better, I am willing to invest in a full treatment (approx. 2-3 months). We'll see what comes out of it. So far, I made an appointment for Wednesday.
I don't know why my face is a bit worse now, because I haven't changed anything on the menu, there is probably another (completely unknown to me) reason. I am currently using Himalaya cream, but it seems to me that it does not serve me, since I started using it on the chin there are more "friends". Maybe it is because the composition has paraffin ...
It is a pity, because it mats well, and so far, apart from natur riche, nothing caused such a mat on my face. Do you have any proven matting cream without paraffin, which is probably the perpetrator of my condition on my chin?