Cheap / expensive cosmetics

With cosmetics it is so that they either serve our skin or do not suit us completely. Many times the products praised into the heavens have not worked for me completely (e.g. soap) aleppowhich sensitized me to the limit.)
Perhaps most of you have noticed that in the notes I write the price of the product and I do not consider it in the category "cheap / expensive" because it is an individual matter. For one product for over 100 PLN. it can be cheap, and for the other this amount can be very high.
I do not think that only high-end cosmetics (such as Chanel, Dior) are noteworthy, because on the shelves in Rossmann or Hebe you can also find pearls (e.g. Eveline lipstick aqua platinium, which has become my big favorite).
With time, when I gained more cosmetic awareness, as well as my earnings became higher - I began to reach for cosmetics that I could not afford. And so I became the owner of Dr G BB cream, Mac lipsticks or Chanel nail polishes.
I do not buy products that do not suit me, but I rely on proven cosmetics. Checked, i.e. those that serve my skin. I have several of my favorites that I stick to e.g. Max Factor False Lash mascara, BB cream Dr G, Sylveco linden micellar fluid or Sally Hansen or Chanel nail polishes that stick to my nails much longer than, for example, Wibo or Lovely.
Probably for many of you finding cosmetic favorites and sticking to them for a long time may seem boring (which woman does not like to test new products ?!), but it is nice to have your "base" of favorite cosmetics, which you can be sure you will never fail.