20 + DYNAMIC aftershave balm by AA

The product that you will review for you today, dear readers of the D&P blog, is a product of the AA company, namely a cosmetic intended for use for the less handsome sex (compared to women). Who knows, maybe this product will help to improve our appearance a bit, but seriously, After shave balm is one of the basic cosmetics of a neat man.

After shaving, I can't imagine leaving irritated skin to act only with soap and water. Not to mention the negative effects on skin throughout the day! Therefore, I would like to recommend the balm of this company, because comparing with the review by me on our Blog product Florame except the price and smell intensity this balm is no different.

Manufacturer's assurances / ingredients

Already on the packaging there is information for who the product is intended. These are the people with sensitive and allergy-prone skin. It also appears on a green background - age, in this case 20 +, there are also three other categories such as 30 + ENERGY, 40 + VITAL, 50 + INTENSIVE (due to my young age I have the privilege to review a cosmetic from the first category ... fortunately, another dłuuuuugo ahead of me; P).

The manufacturer assures us that the lotion will provide our irritated after shave skin with intense hydration. It will be regenerated with the help of aloe vera extract and vitamin E.

Product CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL !! This is a big and another plus for this cosmetic. Dermatologically tested on people with skin allergies. With a hypoallergenic fragrance. Contains no dyes, neutral for skin.

My opinion about AA 20 + DYNAMIC after shave balm

At the beginning of the product description, my opinion has already been expressed in part, and it is simple - if you want your chosen one to be smiling after shaving, and at the same time save some money - the choice is simple, buy this company's product because it is simply good;)

I've been using it for a long time and I'm really happy with it. The consistency is easy to spread, the balm absorbs quickly, and most importantly - soothes irritated skin. The fragrance is very pleasant and light, the first associations are spring weather, just after the rain stopped.

I highly recommend this product! Ps. Soon there will be a review of another great balm from a domestic company that can confidently compete with foreign competitors but it won't be long. I hope that you will have a problem called good harvest and had a lot to choose from;)