Eco house, i.e. ecological cleaning

ecological home cleaning products

For several years, I no longer use traditional liquids, washing powders and products from the so-called 'Acute chemistry'. Green cleaning is a better and healthier option. Chemicals that we use for cleaning are not indifferent to our health. They can cause dizziness, migraines and even hormonal disorders. After reading these types of articles, I gradually switched to organic products, and finally eliminated harmful chemistry from our home.


I've written about the steam mop several times on the blog. I still use the steam mop and I wouldn't exchange it for anything else. Generally, I'm from this type of people who prefer to invest in something decent and enjoy it longer. I bought our steam mop thanks to the program 'Mrs Gadget' (okay, I also bought pots thanks to this program. Apropo pots, I will soon write a new post about them, because we had a very interesting thing related to them. More on that, however).

See review of the Black & Decker FSM1630 steam mop click

Steam mop is a brilliant invention. It kills 99% of germs, is ecological (we use only water for cleaning) and economical (again I will refer to the fact that we only use water for cleaning). Thanks to this device I have thrown away a regular mop and, above all, liquids for cleaning floors. With the help of a mop I not only clean the tiles, I cleaned the parquet floor in the previous house (we have panels in our new apartment), but also the carpet, with the help of the carpet cleaning attachment. Thanks to this device I am not afraid of the health of our ear, because it spends most of the time on the floor. The mop is a safe device not only for animals, but also for children.


I used Domestos and similar products to clean the toilet. Never again. This type of chemistry is very harmful to health and I became convinced of it when I took a contract with Domestos, and then I could not breathe freely for 15 minutes. Then I said enough. I currently use Sodasan or Frosch fluid interchangeably. Initially, I thought that organic products are not as effective as traditional ones. However, I did not notice that my toilet was dirty?


I usually use products from these two companies for cleaning. Both are very good, but Frosch is distinguished by its fragrances. Their cabin cleaner not only removes stone very well (it really is one of the best stone removal agents I've used before!), But it also smells great. The liquid I mentioned smells like grape juice. Anyway, most of their products smell crazy. However, it is not such an artificial fragrance, but as if you had fresh fruit in front of you. Only for washing dishes I use unscented bottle cleaning liquid recommended mainly for washing children's dishes. Why this one? Well, because in 100% is flushed. I have terrible schizy on this point and I can smell badly rinsed liquid even in a restaurant. Besides, what a pleasure to eat a dish with dishwashing liquid ?! Okay, okay maybe most of them don't feel it, but I do.


This is a myth. Okay, it may seem that organic products are more expensive, but they are also more efficient and above all they are not harmful to you and the rest of the household, including animals. In addition, you can save on organic products, because a lot of them you can do yourself.

I often made vinegar-based cabin cleaner, or I cook washing nuts and make hand soap or hair shampoo with them. A few nut shells are also enough to wash the dishes in the dishwasher (although I definitely prefer Frosch dishwasher tablets, because the dishes do not smell at all. After washing nuts they have a specific smell that I do not like).


Soon I will also test another ecological product - washing balls. I am very curious about their actions, because here also the washing nuts did not work. Apparently, you can add essential oils to washing, but finding oils that are not greasy is a feat, and I haven't found them yet. I will let you know how the washing balls have worked. Let me know in the comments if you have used them and whether you are satisfied with them.

How to make our home greener?

eco cleaning at home
For years our life has been guided by the idea of ​​'ecological home, this is my home'. We don't use chemicals, we segregate waste and we care for the environment every day. The topic of environmental protection and being eco is close to our heart, that's why on the blog five years ago we started the action entitled "I am a conscious consumer." Referring to this initiative, we want to remind you that each of us through their daily choices can have a real impact on the environment in which we live, e.g. by saving energy. An excuse could be WWF action titled "Earth Hour." For the past decade, the last Saturday in March has been trying to persuade people and large corporations to turn off lights and electrical appliances in homes and offices.

How to be even more eco?

Let's think how much good could be done by saving energy not only through a symbolic hour, but every day? Each of us can join in the efforts to save energy and water. There are many ways to do this. You can look for inspiration on our blog - for example, I will remind you about entries about aerator applications to save water, handkerchiefs or using rechargeable batteries instead of ordinary batteries. In addition, one of the ideas for being eco is choosing the right home appliances / electronics. As I wrote earlier, it is worth saving energy not only "on holidays". Thanks to modern home appliances / electronics, it can permanently enter our activities. So it's worth choosing the right equipment - both in terms of ecology and the purely economic aspect.
When we lived together with Dominika in our own four corners and it was up to us what type of equipment we would use every day, before buying, we were always guided by the energy class of the equipment and the idea that our home is an ecological home. Regardless of whether you buy a washing machine, dishwasher or TV, remember that when you decide to buy equipment should fall into the energy class between categories A + and A +++. A household appliance that uses both a lot of water and energy is a dishwasher and washing machine. However, I would like to focus on the last device mentioned - what to do to save on washing?

in the picture: Candy washing machine,

The best 2017 washing machine

The skilful use of devices and the introduction of principles of economic use are facilitated by more and more modern solutions contained in home appliances. A large selection of this type of models can be found on the website MediaMarkt. In our opinion, the most interesting solution is the series of Candy washing machines with Mix Power System technology, i.e. the system responsible for introducing detergent under pressure directly into the fabric drum. As a result, the washing machine will not only provide excellent washing results, but also have an impact on saving energy and water, which is what we care about most. The described technology fits perfectly with the idea of ​​eco-use.

In this washing machine you will also find steam technology for refreshing clothes that can handle fabrics such as cotton, synthetic material, colorful, delicate fabrics. The use of this mode causes that the fabrics are thoroughly refreshed and regenerated. Easy ironing is also available in the model. Think how much time you can save in this way, instead of spending long hours ironing, you can spend time relaxing. When it comes to relaxation, Silent Inverter technology is conducive to it. Thanks to this patent, the washing machine is extremely quiet (51 dBa).

What affects the energy class of the washing machine?

Returning, however, to the aspects that interest us the most, that is, what affects the energy class of the washing machine described. The washing machine has so-called KG DETECTOR - technology based on sensors that automatically select the best washing parameters. The machine adjusts the amount of water, drum rotation rhythm and spin speed to the selected type of fabric and calculates the duration of the washing cycle. It also detects the presence of foam and increases the amount of water when rinsing if necessary. All this affects the optimal consumption of both water and energy, hence the highest rating of the energy class A +++ - 30%.
Finally a real gadget. The washing machine can connect to our ... smartphone. Device
has been equipped with NFC technology, thanks to which we have the opportunity to do better
communicate with our washing machine and also make better use of the potential
technology in which it was equipped. Thanks
using the washing machine via smartphone, you can gain access to intelligent
washing machine monitoring, statistics, personalized programs and controls
voice. In this
the way we can keep track of laundry statistics, set programs as desired
individual, so that they are even more ECO.
Remember that you can save time and order your eco washing machine without leaving your home through the site mediamarkt.pland you can collect it at one of the stationary stores. Additionally, you can always leave your used equipment at MediaMarkt, compatible with the range offered, even if you have not purchased a new one. If you still have doubts about which product to choose, remember to always consult a specialist in stationary stores before buying to be completely satisfied with your purchase.