Organization of work ... at work

Today, fasting for people who started their careers, but have a problem with the effective performance of their duties.

Work is a place where we spend most of our time, so it's important that we enjoy it and do it well. In the matter of performing the duties entrusted to me I am a pedant. I get irritated quickly when something goes wrong.
The first thing you do after entering work is to make a list of tasks for the day in the calendar. Thanks to this, I know what I have to do on a given day and it is easier to plan my time.
It is also worth to write down your list of permanent obligations and write the time spent on a given activity, e.g. registration of a contract in the 15-20 minutes system. This makes it easier for us to determine how much of a task we can do, how much time we devote to it. Of course, it is not always possible to plan everything. Sometimes a task that we usually do in 10 minutes can be done in 20 minutes.
It is influenced by many factors:
  • less sleep
  • problems with concentration
  • work on 'hungry man'
  • no motivation
  • general reluctance to work
Another way is to cross tasks. This applies to the crossing of tasks that we perform faster with those that take more time. If you have the opportunity, first do the task that you perform longer, and then the task that you perform faster. A quick task is usually more pleasant than the one on which you need to focus more time.
Do not consider yourself infallible. If you're not sure of something, it's better to ask than spend time correcting the task indefinitely. Don't be afraid to ask. Who asks not stray.
Use colors. It's worth using colors to highlight important things. Thanks to this, nothing will escape your attention.
Instead of sinking in a pile of yellow cards, sort them and write important information in a notebook. Highlight the most important issues. I don't know if you have it too, but I usually don't go back to these cards, and when I have something in one place called "treasury of knowledge", it's easier for me to find the information I need.
Take a short tea break or simply stretch your legs. Unfortunately, sedentary work not only serves our legs, but also the body. Therefore, practice at work as well. This also applies to the computer, so you should take short breaks and improve contacts with colleagues during this time.
If you work as a team, it is worth remembering that everyone has their own opinion and must be respected. Discuss while maintaining good manners. Listen.
Do not forget about further training, which will allow you to fulfill your personal development plan. What you will learn during the personal development course will definitely prosper in the future.
And above all, find a job that motivates you to action, makes you go to her with a smile. I know this may be trivial, but there is nothing worse than going to work you don't like.