A greener version of me

In recent years, the topic of ecology has become really loud. Other cosmetic brands are trying to outdo each other in the production of ecological products. On the packaging you will find the words "eco, bio, healthy" and other similar slogans. Unfortunately, very often there is only a seemingly ecological product. Okay inside, it might be super eco, but nobody looks at the packaging that closely anymore. And it is often made of plastic that will break down over the next several dozen years.

Consequently, for several years I have been trying to make small changes to my life that allow me to live in harmony with nature. I started with seemingly simple changes. I stopped buying low-quality clothes that looked like 10 years after washing them. Currently, power cables do not exist for me, although I know that some of them try to introduce more ecological solutions. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go to eliminate Fast Fashion. However, I have the impression that the coronavirus epidemic has slightly changed our approach and perception of mass buying. Supposedly, shopping centers are empty and bags of clothes are no longer taken out of shops. I will not say that I am silently smiling to myself.

ecological reusable flakes

An ecological revolution in the wardrobe and home

After the revolution in clothing, it is time for the next steps. And so, for over 5 years I have been using only ecological and vegan cosmetics for care. I have my favorite products and brands that I have not parted with for a long time. I also rarely test products (especially face care) and I know that you also appreciate it. However, there are still a lot of Influencers who are able to test brand X cream on Tuesday and brand Y cream on Friday. I avoid this type of person, because I know that only money speaks for them. I do not trust them and do not follow such profiles.

The next step in changing habits was to switch to ecological cleaning products. For years, only those that are not harmful to the environment have been added to my basket. I've even convinced a few family members to switch from chemical products to organic ones. I am very glad that many of you also pay attention to this. I am happy when you consciously choose cosmetics, home products and food products. Today, a few words about reusable cosmetic pads that I don't know why I started using it so late. Ps. This post is not sponsored by the Hello Body brand. I bought two packages of reusable cosmetic pads with my own money.

Why is it worth using reusable cosmetic pads?

I answered this question when the idea of ​​switching to reusable cosmetic pads was born in my head. As you know, I try to live in harmony with nature. For many years, my care has been 100% natural, I use ecological cleaning products, I also try not to waste food (which is really good for me!), and to look for other solutions to harm the Earth as little as possible (remember that we are its inhabitants and we must take care of it).

Reusable cosmetic pads are a great discovery for me. The first advantage that speaks to them is, of course, ecology and the fact that I do not generate so much waste (usually I used 2-3 cosmetic pads a day, because in the morning I wash my face with colloidal silver, I use pads for makeup removal, I also wash my face before going to sleep).

Another plus is savings. It is true that such disposable flakes are not expensive, but when we calculate the annual consumption in relation to reusable flakes (which we can put in the washing machine together with washing), the costs of their use are really much more favorable.

Which petals to choose?

Moje Followers on Instagram (who is not watching us yet, let him do it now!) eagerly shared with me their observations on reusable cosmetic pads, thanks to which I chose bamboo (they are said to be more durable than cotton pads). I decided to use Hello Bamboo reusable cotton pads from Hello Body. These petals are made of 80% bamboo and 20% cotton. In addition, they have a laundry bag made of 100% cotton (I do not recommend using it, however, which I will say more about in the next paragraph).

Hello Body pads are very gentle so they don't irritate my combination, blemish-prone skin. I was worried that these types of cotton pads could transmit germs, but nothing really happens.

How to wash reusable cotton pads?

I wash the cotton pads together with the white washing in the washing machine. I put them in a Tchibo zipped laundry bag. Thanks to this, they do not fall out, which happened to me when I washed them in the bag attached to the petals. I use an ecological liquid for washing (in 40 degrees) and rinsing fabrics.

I have a trick for you when it comes to drying. Before hanging the petals on the dryer, I shake them off vigorously, holding the hanging handle. Thanks to this, the cotton pads regain their original shape after washing (of course they do not look like new, but it definitely improves their appearance).

Conscious influence on our planet is something that I want to cultivate in myself and that I want to infect others with. Of course, to generate a jar of garbage in a month (I really respect people who can live like this) in my case it is still a long way, but today I can have a real impact. It is worth starting with minor changes that motivate you to continue acting and looking for new solutions. I would love to know if you use reusable cosmetic pads and how do they work for you?

Eco means cheap

On the occasion of the Thursday meeting with Reni Jusis and Tomek Makowiecki, I managed to win the book "Guide for Green Parents" written by Reni and Magda Targosz.

eco saving

I absorb the information in the book like a sponge, because ecology is not unnatural for me, but I still lack a lot to be green.
I left myself half of the book on motherhood for the time I need this department. So far, with P. we are not planning children, but probably this day will come, so I will definitely have something to read;)
I didn't really know much, but I learned through this book. Even the benefits of millet, or the fact that we don't need meat for life (it motivated me not to give up meat completely, but certainly to limit it). I will also try to read food labels even more carefully, because now I know exactly what to look for.
Very nice department convincing to ecology, because it is simply cheap, in brief I will present in the note below.
A department worth recommending is the one about natural cosmetics. Here is the exact list and tips on how to buy natural cosmetics at 100. Unfortunately, many cosmetics companies are simply cheating on us. Many times I saw SLS or silicones in a pseudo natural cosmetic store. It can not be like that.
But today I wanted to say a little bit about how you can save on ecology. I will also refer to examples from our home, because when renovating, we paid attention to make it ecological and cheap.
1. Disabling RTV equipment and chargers
Since I learned that the equipment, if connected, is ready for use. It also consumes unnecessary energy and we pay more for electricity. A good way to eliminate this is a simple power strip, which will allow you to disconnect several devices at once.
I pay very much attention to this and I managed to teach P. the same thing, but sometimes I leave the slicer or radio connected, but the TV and decoder must be turned off (I never understood how to fall asleep when the detector is turned on;)).
2. The use of energy-saving lighting
I always thought that LED technology is a fake. P. luckily convinced me that he didn't! it's true because you can see it on the bills. This way you won't find a bulb other than LED at home. However, one important rule should be remembered - we do not turn off the lights and turn them on in a moment (it is better to leave them on even for a few hours), because it is simply expensive. My mother always taught me how to turn off the light immediately after leaving the room. Since I live with P. I have had to learn this. At the beginning it was hard, but now it got into my blood. Of course, there are cases that it is impossible to predict that in a while you will return to a specific room, but let's not fall into paranoia.
LED bulbs consume the most power when turning on the light, I also do not recommend, because it can affect our bills. And if we are on the bills - I recommend changing the payment for electricity. Since we pay for the actual settlement - we can control the power consumption. In addition, we pay for what we have actually used.
More about LED bulbs. Today they are much cheaper than even 2-3 years ago.
3. Water turning off when brushing teeth, shaving, soap - saving water
Once I could not imagine living without a bath tub and lying in it for a long time amid a large amount of foam. Today, having a cabin, thank you to the common sense that told us to buy a cabin. Yes, sometimes I miss the opportunity to lie in foam, but I found other methods of relaxation, so it is no longer necessary for me (and the coins that I would release with foam - stay in my wallet).
In addition to turning off the light after leaving the room (which does not work with the current lighting), my mother also taught me how to turn off the water when brushing my teeth. How much I have listened to, that I pour too much water, God knows. Anyway, now I can thank you for it, because it is on my agenda. Thanks to this, I save water, which is already running low, but also money.
4. Washing with a full washing machine drum, washing in the dishwasher + washing with the dishwasher full
I try to wash 2 in a week - light and dark. The laundry basket does not fill up so quickly, although it is known that there are different situations in life. However, I try not to set the empty washing machine, but wait for 2-3 days for the basket to fill up. And if I have something to wash at will, I will wash it by hand.
I am thinking about using washing nuts, maybe it would free me from skin allergies. Has anyone had any experience with nuts?
book by Reni Jusis
The dishwasher was No. 1 when decorating the interior. It is convenient, and above all there is a great saving of water and time that I can spend on something else. The only problem is who will unpack the dishwasher when it ends;)
When choosing any equipment, I recommend reading its opinions and parameters. For me, the most important when choosing were: the amount of electricity consumed, the amount of water consumed and the appearance of the equipment.
The only thing we can fault is that we do not segregate rubbish. All the time I am wondering how to do it, I could use a waste container to facilitate this task. Maybe you have any real life ideas?
Fortunately, since July 1, the junk bill has entered, which despite many controversies, however, raises some positive feelings in me. Perhaps I am naive, but I hope that it will mobilize not only us, but also others to segregate rubbish. However, I learned not to put too much hope in people (unfortunately, recently I have found out that people are really egoists. And this statement is based not on one, two people, but several), I will wait and only assess.
Apropo books, of course, I highly recommend it to anyone who is not indifferent to ecology, but also to those who want to be more eco and do not know how. This book is a great guide on this subject.
I will quote you a quote from the book, To be honest, at the beginning we saw ecology as a whim. We did not associate it with our conduct. We just made overnight decisions that changed our lives. We had only one goal: the health of our family. "
We would like to wish you all the best wishes for the holidays ... just what ... I look outside the window - it's snowing, it's white. Eyes make you say "Merry Christmas", but common sense tells "Easter stupid!" Also, we wish you all the best for the holiday you choose;)