A greener version of me

In recent years, the topic of ecology has become really loud. Other cosmetic brands are trying to outdo each other in the production of ecological products. On the packaging you will find the words "eco, bio, healthy" and other similar slogans. Unfortunately, very often there is only a seemingly ecological product. Okay inside, it might be super eco, but nobody looks at the packaging that closely anymore. And it is often made of plastic that will break down over the next several dozen years.

Consequently, for several years I have been trying to make small changes to my life that allow me to live in harmony with nature. I started with seemingly simple changes. I stopped buying low-quality clothes that looked like 10 years after washing them. Currently, power cables do not exist for me, although I know that some of them try to introduce more ecological solutions. Unfortunately, there is still a long way to go to eliminate Fast Fashion. However, I have the impression that the coronavirus epidemic has slightly changed our approach and perception of mass buying. Supposedly, shopping centers are empty and bags of clothes are no longer taken out of shops. I will not say that I am silently smiling to myself.

ecological reusable flakes

An ecological revolution in the wardrobe and home

After the revolution in clothing, it is time for the next steps. And so, for over 5 years I have been using only ecological and vegan cosmetics for care. I have my favorite products and brands that I have not parted with for a long time. I also rarely test products (especially face care) and I know that you also appreciate it. However, there are still a lot of Influencers who are able to test brand X cream on Tuesday and brand Y cream on Friday. I avoid this type of person, because I know that only money speaks for them. I do not trust them and do not follow such profiles.

The next step in changing habits was to switch to ecological cleaning products. For years, only those that are not harmful to the environment have been added to my basket. I've even convinced a few family members to switch from chemical products to organic ones. I am very glad that many of you also pay attention to this. I am happy when you consciously choose cosmetics, home products and food products. Today, a few words about reusable cosmetic pads that I don't know why I started using it so late. Ps. This post is not sponsored by the Hello Body brand. I bought two packages of reusable cosmetic pads with my own money.

Why is it worth using reusable cosmetic pads?

I answered this question when the idea of ​​switching to reusable cosmetic pads was born in my head. As you know, I try to live in harmony with nature. For many years, my care has been 100% natural, I use ecological cleaning products, I also try not to waste food (which is really good for me!), and to look for other solutions to harm the Earth as little as possible (remember that we are its inhabitants and we must take care of it).

Reusable cosmetic pads are a great discovery for me. The first advantage that speaks to them is, of course, ecology and the fact that I do not generate so much waste (usually I used 2-3 cosmetic pads a day, because in the morning I wash my face with colloidal silver, I use pads for makeup removal, I also wash my face before going to sleep).

Another plus is savings. It is true that such disposable flakes are not expensive, but when we calculate the annual consumption in relation to reusable flakes (which we can put in the washing machine together with washing), the costs of their use are really much more favorable.

Which petals to choose?

Moje Followers on Instagram (who is not watching us yet, let him do it now!) eagerly shared with me their observations on reusable cosmetic pads, thanks to which I chose bamboo (they are said to be more durable than cotton pads). I decided to use Hello Bamboo reusable cotton pads from Hello Body. These petals are made of 80% bamboo and 20% cotton. In addition, they have a laundry bag made of 100% cotton (I do not recommend using it, however, which I will say more about in the next paragraph).

Hello Body pads are very gentle so they don't irritate my combination, blemish-prone skin. I was worried that these types of cotton pads could transmit germs, but nothing really happens.

How to wash reusable cotton pads?

I wash the cotton pads together with the white washing in the washing machine. I put them in a Tchibo zipped laundry bag. Thanks to this, they do not fall out, which happened to me when I washed them in the bag attached to the petals. I use an ecological liquid for washing (in 40 degrees) and rinsing fabrics.

I have a trick for you when it comes to drying. Before hanging the petals on the dryer, I shake them off vigorously, holding the hanging handle. Thanks to this, the cotton pads regain their original shape after washing (of course they do not look like new, but it definitely improves their appearance).

Conscious influence on our planet is something that I want to cultivate in myself and that I want to infect others with. Of course, to generate a jar of garbage in a month (I really respect people who can live like this) in my case it is still a long way, but today I can have a real impact. It is worth starting with minor changes that motivate you to continue acting and looking for new solutions. I would love to know if you use reusable cosmetic pads and how do they work for you?

Do the washing balls wash well?

A few weeks ago I asked you at Instagram @dpblogpl do you use washing balls and is it worth buying them. Many of you wrote that you had heard or heard about them for the first time, but did not use them. I thought about buying them for a long time, but when my favorite Bobini washing liquids began to run out (as one of the few washing agents do not irritate my allergic skin), I found it a good time to try the crutches. Actually, the expense was not high, and it is always worth testing, because it may prove to be something effective.

what balls to choose for eco washing

How much do washing balls cost and how long are they enough?

Crutches are an ecological and very cheap way of washing. One bullet cost me 6.99 PLN. plus parcel (I ordered them on Allegro). There are also more expensive bullets, but apparently they are no different from these, so in my opinion there is no point in spending money.

Depending on the model chosen, the balls are sufficient and the amount of washing different. For me, one ball is enough for 1500 washes. When we wash more laundry, the manufacturer says it is better to throw balls into the 2 washing machine. I do the same - I use one ball when washing white, and two when using dark ones. Unfortunately, you have to mark yourself how many washes were done with the ball. We calculated the amount of washing (on average) and it turned out that after two years we should change the balls. Considering their cost it really big savings.

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eco cleaning at home

I have also seen other versions of the balls - with replaceable cartridges (they are even more eco than the ones I have). Once I know that the balls fulfill their role - next time I will decide on the version with replaceable cartridges. It will be even more ecological.

How do washing balls work?

Washing balls increase the pH of the water, thanks to which the washing has an antibacterial effect. There are small balls inside the balls. When washing granules, negative ions detach, and during friction (rotating balls in the washing machine), the balls rub, which creates waves that cause micro-ionization of the water - I read all this information at the auction where I bought my balls.

construction of a washing ball

Washing balls - what should you know about them?

Washing balls are odorless. We do not add any powders or rinsing liquids for washing. Interestingly, the clothes don't get static, which I was initially afraid of. This is a great choice for skin allergy sufferers, because there is no possibility for anything to sensitize you. If you don't have the fragrance - you can add non-greasy fragrance oil to the rinse aid compartment.

As I mentioned above - if we have a large amount of laundry, we throw 2 balls into the washing machine. The washing balls are doing great even in 30 degrees. They should be used in the 30-60 degrees range. I usually wash most things at a low temperature (except towels or blankets), so that's not a problem for me.

One ball costs around PLN 7 at Allegro. In case of a large amount of laundry need to use 2 balls. If you're single, you only need one bullet, if you have more people at home - it's worth buying two at once.

When using washing balls NO we add powders and rinses. Crutches ensure that the clothes are washed and the fabric is softened.

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black and decker fsm 1630 steam mop

It is worth adding a teaspoon of soda to white washing, which not only whitens beautifully, but also softens the water (if someone has hard water, I recommend adding soda).

After each wash Leave the washing balls to dry. Only then do we put them back in place.

How do washing balls work?

Washing balls do great with clothes that need refreshing, as well as sportswear in which we go to the gym. Unfortunately, the sweatshirt did not remove the trace from the oil, but to be honest I expected it. The oil itself is very difficult to get off the clothes and more than once clothes with greasy stains have already had to throw away. I'm not sure how the balls will work for large stains, especially for children, but they managed with the blouse after the spaghetti sauce.