Why doesn't my emu look like the producer's website?


Winter is approaching, so many of you will probably think about buying warm shoes. Maybe you decide on my beloved waterproof emu, which I have already written about here. If so - I must warn you that Emu has done a small update on their shoes, and I learned about it after opening the box with new shoes. I have already written a bit about changes on our profile at Facebook, however, I think that an accurate post on this topic may be useful to someone who will soon be buying emu. I thought about longer emus for a long time, but there was no opportunity to buy them. In the end I ordered and today I received my dream box.

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I was very surprised when after opening I saw completely unlike emu ones on the site. Of course, I almost didn't get a heart attack, but with the rest of my composure I wrote an e-mail asking what's going on.

emu paterson 2015Well, Emu has done a small update on their shoes, including there is no longer a metal plaque with the word "waterproof", additionally the logo on the heel has a completely different look. The sole has also changed - there is no longer the characteristic inscription "emu". It has been replaced with a new wave and company name. Apparently, such a sole is supposed to provide better grip. I wonder how it will be in reality and whether this sole will not wear more. I wonder if there are any other changes - invisible to the naked eye?

emu paterson lo chocolate
To be honest, I don't really like the new logo - it's bigger than the previous ones. When it comes to photos on emuaustralia.com and probably many pages with emu shoes - many stores do not yet have photos of the new version. New photos (but not on all models) have from what I saw the eobuwie store.

Important! - changes in the logo, etc. are not supposed to have taken place on all shoes. For sure Spindle and Paterson collections have a new look. What else - unfortunately I do not know. Therefore, it is best to buy emu in proven stores that definitely have original shoes. In the pictures in the note you can see the changes that have taken place in the emu. You can also compare the new look with the previous one (note about emu).
emu paterson lo

The Internet is full of counterfeits (even in larger online stores). You have to be very careful about great deals on Allegro. There are probably no original shoes there. Interestingly, the prices are like for the originals ... And last but not least - the emu box has also been changed. Currently, the appearance refers to the emu egg, which is beautiful.