Eveline Slim Extreme 4D

Slimming balms have always seemed to me a marketing ploy. It is known that without hard work and moving your ass our bodies will not be beautiful and firm. And yet it was a mistake, because the slimming serum Eveline Slim Extreme 4D really works!
balm with flecks

Description of the slimming serum

The serum, like most Eveline lotions from the slimming series, is enclosed in a tube. In my opinion, the packaging is convenient, because if we cut it, we can extract a large amount of the product.
The product has a capacity of 200 ml + 50 ml for free. Product performance is also at a good level. With daily use (once a day), the serum is enough for about 2 months.
The cosmetic is easily available, we can find it in drugstores, as well as larger stores. It's worth hunting for promotions at Superpharm or Rossmann, because you can buy this product at a really good price. And if we are already at the price, I recently bought the balm for 19,99 PLN at Superpharm!


As I wrote at the beginning, I thought it was another water pic. I was very surprised that after a few uses my body changed significantly. It became firmer, compact and looked much better.
Do not be surprised when after applying the serum your skin starts to tingle slightly. It's a cooling effect, which by the way is really irreplaceable in summer. I can't imagine using this lotion on cold days. In winter I reach for the serum Eveline Fat Burner with a warming effect (I only use this balm on my stomach, because my broken vessels don't like balms with this effect);)
The serum contains silver particles that additionally illuminate the skin. Which makes it look radiant and healthy.
Plus for good hydration, which lasts longer, and minus for the fact that if we stop using the serum - our body will quickly return to its previous state. This is a good procedure for a company because I know people who have been using this product for several years.
slimming body lotion


Eveline slimming serum surprises with its action. However, we must use them regularly, otherwise the effect will be only temporary.
Slimming serum can completely replace a regular body lotion because it moisturizes the skin very well.