Denko: November 2015

In the shower

  1. Facelle 50 + I visit guests every month. Works great with me and I'm not going to look for a replacement. I will buy again.
  2. Petal Fresh, hair conditioner - this version liked my hair the most. It does not weigh them down, moisturizes and tames hair. It also smells good. I buy this conditioner at Hebe. I will buy again.
  3. Babydream fur mama shower gel I reached for him because my beloved Alterra shower gel wasn't there. I was not disappointed. It is delicate and moisturizes. The smell is similar to babydream shampoo and shower gel (I think all their products have the same smell). I will buy again.

For hair

  1. Syoss Volume Lift, hairspray - our huge favorite for many years. Until we got another varnish for testing at Meet Beauty. We will not return to Syossa! And soon a review of his replacement. I do not buy.
  2. Sesa - I have this oil mix exactly one year (and maybe more). It doesn't smell like everyone said. Unfortunately, the content of coconut oil does not affect my hair well, which is why more sessions I do not buy.


  1. Kneipp bio oil - my huge favorite because of the composition and smell. I use it for make-up removal, and also add a few drops to the hair oil mixture. I am currently testing Alterra oil for makeup removal, but I will definitely come back to this product. I will buy again.
  2. Elmex, toothpaste against caries - this company's pastes have been with me since I installed the camera. After removing it (in spring !!!) I will definitely continue using it. I will buy again.

body cosmetics

Perfect Housewife

  1. Cif, cleaning milk excellently deals with larger dirt. Perfect for cleaning various surfaces, among others sinks, shower tray from the shower. I will buy again.
cif microgranules