What can you find out on a facial skin test?

At the end of July, I had the opportunity to participate not only in the study of the scalp, but also the facial skin. Facial skin examination was carried out in Gdansk (Galeria Bałtycka) as part of Douglas Care Institute. The result of this study is the knowledge that my skin hydration is too low, but we'll talk about that in a moment.

The event itself was well prepared. There were also tasty and healthy snacks. Only my spouse was bored a little, because the conversation after the examination, as it turned out, lasted almost two hours. I also managed to take some pics for fasting.

Facial skin examination is performed with a special device that tests skin hydration, elasticity and pigmentation. I was most interested in pigmentation, because this study shows how much I can spend in the sun without protective filters. As it turned out, my skin has pigmentation, which allows 26 to spend minutes in the sun without protective filters. I think it's pretty good, because with the spf 10 filter I can stay in the sun for 260 minutes.

Facial skin examination Gdańsk

The result of the moisture level was a big surprise for me. It is very low (30%), although I use moisturizing products. That means I have to drink more water because important is not only moisturizing through cosmetics, but also from the inside.

It wasn't surprising to me that since the level of hydration is so low then also the skin elasticity will be low (26%). I definitely need to drink more water and moisturize my skin properly.

It is worth going to examine the facial skin, if only for a simple reason: results that you will not get in any other way. I always thought that my skin was properly moisturized, and only this study showed that, unfortunately, I was wrong.

Thanks to such an examination, I know what I should focus my care on so that my skin is firm and looks beautiful despite the passage of time.

Examination of facial elasticity and hydration

The examination is followed by a detailed analysis of the test results, as well as the selection of an appropriate care program. In my opinion, this stage was the best, because in addition to discussing the study itself, I could talk to Magda about new products in Douglas, and also gossip about cosmetics.

If you fancy going to the Douglas Care Institute research, below are the dates for your upcoming meetings:

  • 6-8 August, Focus Mall, Bydgoszcz
  • 20-22 August, Galeria Jurajska, Czestochowa
  • 27-29 August, Malta, Poznan
  • 3-5 September, Solaris, Opole
  • 10-12 September, Auchan Bielany, Bielany Wroclawskie
  • 17-19 September, Arkadia, Warsaw
  • 24-26 September, Galaxy, Szczecin
  • 1-3 October, Galeria Katowice, Katowice
  • 8-10 October, Riviera, Gdynia
  • 22-24 October, Cascade, Szczecin
  • 29-31 October, Galeria Pomorska, Bydgoszcz
  • 5-7 November, Aura, Olsztyn
  • 12-14 November, Futura, Cracow
  • 19-21 November, Silesia, Katowice
  • 03-05 December, Atrium Felicity, Lublin

Let me know if you ever had the opportunity to take part in such a survey and did the results of the survey surprise you like me?

Skin types - part 3 normal skin

The owners of normal skin are in my opinion the happiest people in the world, because caring for this type of skin is probably the easiest. Most people in adolescence have oily skin. Normal skin is elastic. With this type of skin, there is no question of "glowing", because the skin does not emit excess sebum (which I am very jealous of normal skin owners!) Pores can hardly be seen either. Normal skin is not thin, thanks to which blood vessels are not visible.

The only mistake that owners of normal skin make is a lack of care. It is wrong to think that since you have the perfect complexion, you do not need to properly nourish it. It is worth using cosmetics designed for normal skin, thanks to which you will delay the aging process. It is worth using a daily face wash gel, cleansing milk (or other form of makeup remover), non-alcoholic tonic, as well as eye cream. From time to time, a mask won't hurt either. That's enough for you :)

Homemade masks

- Carrot and cottage cheese mask
a tablespoon of grated carrots mixed with one egg yolk, a spoonful of cottage cheese and add a dozen drops of vitamin A. Put the well mixed mass on the face, neck and décolleté. Remove the mask after approx. 20 min. Rinse the skin with cold water and wipe with tonic.
- Fruit mask
Apply the pulp of fruit such as raspberries, strawberries, apricots, peaches to the face. After 15 min. wash off with lukewarm water.
- Smoothing mask
a tablespoon of ground oat flakes, 2 teaspoon of warmed honey, mix one egg yolk thoroughly, apply the mass on the face, neck, neckline. Wash off with lukewarm and then with cold water.

In short, the pros of normal skin

- off
- it is springy
- there are no visible blood vessels
Ah, I envy you such girls! Who can boast of a normal complexion, considered by many to be perfect ?;)