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how to run a fan page
Social media is my great passion. That is why I work in this profession (I am a Social Media specialist and I have several clients from various industries). Most of the social media probably only knows that it's worth being there. And usually knowledge ends there, because it's not enough to have your fanpage and post posts from time to time. A second life goes on in social media. I have been dealing with social media since 2012, I have worked with several large companies, now I focus on a few smaller ones. Why? Because I like to observe the development of fanpages that I run. It gives me a huge kick to act, especially when I start from scratch.
In Poland, Facebook leads the way, because there advertisers can create the most advanced ads. Instagram comes second (this site was taken over by Facebook, so you can do very cool ads on Instagram). Later there is Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and others. You probably wonder where it is worth to be successful?

What social media are for me?

It has been accepted in the industry that Facebook is the king of social media. For this it is worth having an account on an additional social networking site. What? It depends on many aspects. First of all, it's a good idea to search Google Analytics statistics and check your blog's target group. Then it will be easier to determine to what age you want to reach. It is also worth checking what our readers are interested in. That's something to say about where it's worth to be.
Social media is free
I can't agree here. If you want your fan page to grow - you need to invest in advertising. It's nice when your blog earns money and you can spend your earned money on advertising on FB. However, if you do not make money on the blog (see the post on how to make money on the blog) you need to invest your private funds. I will not tell you how much money you have to spend to achieve success, because I agree with each client individually. It depends on many factors - the specifics of the industry, potential and demand for a given product.

How to run a profile on social media - a few golden rules

First of all, remember that social media works 24 / 24 7 days a week. I'm not saying that you have to be present around the clock on your Facebook or Instagram profile. However, you must remember that there is a second life going on there.
I am amused by job offers for a Social Media specialist who set a specific time frame for work. I understand that no one wants to work around the clock, but I will say it again - in social media currency is time. If you don't respond quickly to the comment, maybe that person will never come back to you. When someone writes something negative about your or your blog - there is a chance that it will spread through the web faster than you react.
In the era of smartphones and internet packages, it is easier to manage your profiles on social media. Actually, everyone can exist in them, you just need to follow a few rules.
  1. Match the content to a social networking site. Familiarize yourself with its specificity first, see well known Bloggers what they put on their profiles. Draw conclusions from these observations - what they post, what arouses the most interest, how often they post on their profile.
  2. Be available. When someone asks you something, you don't have to answer in a few seconds (this is an ideal situation), but don't forget to answer this question. There is nothing worse than leaving someone unanswered. If you don't reply, that person may never ask you a question again.
  3. Reply to messages. I know it's easy to say that it's best to reply to messages (emails also) within a maximum of 2 hours. It can't always be done. However, try to write back in a maximum of 24 hours.
  4. Have a fanpage run for professionals. If you are completely unfamiliar with social media, you do not know how to bite this topic, it is better to let this work to professionals. Why? Nowadays social media is a business card. Your business, blog, etc. It's like giving someone a business card bitten by a dog. Poor right?

I hope this post will let you get used to social media and get the most out of it. If you have questions, please contact 🙂