Fit chocolate better than Milka!

When I tried the Date Nutelle, my life changed. It is true that I have never been a fan of Nutella, but Piotr would like to protect his health by making fit sweets. Piotr is a sweet tooth and can eat a bar of chocolate at once. I have never been for sweets. Yes, from time to time I feel like something sweet, but to eat all the chocolate right away ?! It's not for me.

fit chocolate with dates

Fit date chocolate is delicious and healthy. If you love sweets, nothing will happen to you when you eat fit chocolate at once. It is made of only a few ingredients, and its taste even matches the famous Milka chocolates. Give it a try and you'll understand what I'm writing about. You'll need some ingredients to make fit chocolate, cup blender, baking paper and plastic container.

Ingredients for date chocolate

  • 150 g dates (I add a little more, but stick to the recipe at the beginning)
  • hot water to soak the dates (so as to cover them)
  • 3 spoons of refined coconut oil
  • 3 spoons kako
  • a handful of favorite nuts or almonds (I use regular peanut, but I am tempted to add cashews)

How to make fit chocolate?

We soak dates in boiling water for 15 minutes (originally in the recipe is to cook them, but soaking is enough). After the 15 minutes have elapsed, we throw the dates into a dish where we will blend them together with coconut oil and cocoa. After thorough blending (approx. 1-2 minutes), add the nuts and mix. The finished mass is put into a box lined with baking paper and put on 2h in the freezer.

Let me know how you make fit chocolate, and it's best to upload photos to Instagram with the hashtag #fitchocolatedp