Wire hits part 1 before the visit, consultation, proper visit

3 February 2015 I set up an orthodontic appliance. I have thought about it for many years, but the price of the braces has always been an obstacle. Only now did I understand that it was necessary. My friend's dentist frightened me that if it goes on with my defect (occlusion) in a few years I can eat my lower teeth.
fixed camera

After many days of reading opinions and several consultations, I decided to go to the Dental Spa clinic in Gdańsk (Wrzeszcz), my attending physician is Ms. Honorata Sroczyńska. My orthodontist is a great person. Calm, calm and patient (he always answers a billion of my strange questions: D).
Self-ligating orthodontic appliance

As I had already been to other doctors at the consultation, I learned that I would have to take a panoramic and pantomographic picture of my teeth. I paid about PLN 100 for both photos.
Then the first visit to dr Sroczyńska at which I was made impressions, types of devices and prices were discussed. Additionally, Doctor examined the symmetry of my face, she explained what my defect is and what the treatment will look like. The doctor also checked if I had all my teeth healthy (it is very important to treat all my teeth before putting on the device!).
I had time to decide if I wanted to put on one bow of the camera, and in about 2 weeks another or both at one go. I decided on the second version, which was good on the one hand, and not necessarily on the other, but more on that later.
After leaving the office, I agreed to put on the camera (about 2 weeks later). On the one hand, I could not wait, and on the other, I was terribly nervous, because in the pantomographic picture it turned out that I had a tooth (the eight I did not know about and I would probably have no idea for a long time!), Which grows hidden in the gum behind tooth No. 7. Before putting the device on, I had to go to a maxillary surgeon for consultations. Fortunately, the tooth did not have to be pulled out.
I decided on self-ligating and aesthetic apparatus. At first I wasn't convinced, but now I know it was a good decision. I don't have to visit every month (I go every 2 months), besides I have the impression that the camera works expressly. I can already feel the first effects.
Types of fixed cameras I had to choose:
- metal ligating
- aesthetic:
  • porcelain
  • ceramic
  • sapphire
  • crystal
- metal self-ligating
- aesthetic self-ligating
- linguistic
It took about 30 minutes to set up the camera. I was terribly nervous, which caused me to tears at some point (stress gave up). The doctor was surprised and scared, but I quickly calmed her down;)
Just putting on the camera did not hurt at all, it only hurt to widen your mouth with a special device. I thought I'd fall in pain. After that I had my gums torn apart for a few days.
The pain came the next day around 12: 30. At 12: 00 I flew to stick the bottom lock, which had loosened at night. But I'll tell you more about the fall of the locks in the next part of the Wire Hits, because I can see that this note got a little too long and I don't know if anyone will want to read it at all 😉
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