The magic of oiling - what is worth to oil to be healthier

The magic of oiling - what is worth to oil to be healthier
The magic of oiling - what is worth to oil to be healthier

People usually have a lot on their minds and their time takes up many (unnecessary) matters, and the magic of pouring out is a great way to get rid of nonsense from the head. That's how we are - we like to care. Is it really beneficial to our physical and mental health? Are there any aspects of life that we can let go?

Imagine the situation that you are at a boring social gathering, where you have to listen to the story of your colleague's 3-year-old daughter who sings her favorite song every day before bedtime. Cute? Not for everyone. Think instead of absorbing information at a meeting that adds nothing to your professional and private life, you could do 5 reports and get out of the backlog. Sounds great, right? So you have to learn the magic of oiling.

The magic of oiling - what does it mean?

We can dab a lot, but it's not about becoming a scumbag, it's not about becoming a hippie who has everything somewhere. The idea is to start living a full breast and oil what is unnecessary and not important.
Every second, several unnecessary thoughts run through our heads. Multiplying this by the number of seconds throughout the day, we have a considerable amount of junk thoughts that we can eliminate. The book 'Magic of pouring out' will help. It wasn't until reading this book that I realized that my brain was cluttered with unnecessary thoughts, which I called thought lumber. Helpful in discovering them is to look inside yourself and make lists that are designed to name 'thought junk' and determine what can replace them. I will give you an example of one of my junks - hang out with people from the past that I don't like. Instead, I can spend time on the couch, under a blanket, with a cup of tea and a book. Thanks to this I gain time for myself. The second example is painting your eyes every day with shadows, so I have time to eat breakfast at home.

It's easy to speak but hard to do

It's true - the theory is very simple, but only practice turns out to be hard. It is not so easy to eliminate thinking, even about things that are not important to us. As I mentioned earlier - people tend to think about unnecessary things and worry about them. The book 'The magic of pouring out' not only shows theoretical ways of dealing with unnecessary matters, but also practical.

Why you should read the book 'The magic of oiling'

The last book that changed my life was book 'Slow fashion'. Thanks to her, my approach to clothes changed, and I also introduced minimalism (not only in the sphere of clothing, but also in cosmetics, and I feel good about it). Today, I can safely say that the book 'Magic of pouring out' has also changed my approach to life. Thanks to this book, I know what to focus on and what to oil. If I happen to wander my thoughts, I look into my book to 'break it' and remember what I don't have to bother with.


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How to organize your life?

How to organize your life?
How to organize your life?

There was a time in my life when I thought it had lost its meaning. I wasn't sure if what I was doing was good for me or maybe I made the mistake of taking a risk. You can call it depression, I called it wasted time. Wasted, because instead of thinking about events that I couldn't influence at that moment, I could do a million other things.

If you lack motivation, you can't find anything and you are easily nervous, it's time to organize your life. How to do it? You will find out below. Get to work and organize your life now.

Organize your surroundings, organize your life

This may seem trivial, but many people have too many things. Often not even aware that he has them. We are sentimental, it's hard for us to part with childhood items or periods that remind us of something or someone. Okay, I also have two books from when I was little, but they make a little deeper sense to me. One of them reminds me of the hardships associated with learning to read, and the other has beautiful illustrations that I like to come back to even now.
I made my first move at the age of 19 when I moved from a small room that I had occupied most of my life to my sister's room when she moved out. This huge amount of space impressed me, but I did a selection of my things and got rid of about 1 / 3. The worst was with clothes, but I will mention it in today's post.

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I made another selection of things when Piotr moved into me. We stayed with my mother for several years and we had to fit in one room. You probably know that I was terrified that someone would take up half of my wardrobe and need an extra shelf for socks. That made me choose a lot of my stuff.
Later, moving to rent. This time we both had to throw away / give up our things. It turned out to be very simple, although we were surprised by the number of things we had when moving out. We were made aware of the mountains of cartons we were packing into. You won't believe how many things you can fit in one room.
Interestingly, we made the selection not only on this, but also the next move. Of course, we didn't need most things, and we kept them for various reasons.

A book that changed my life

As I mentioned above - the biggest problem I had with clothes. I knew I had too many of them (I haven't worn most of them for a long time, I didn't even know about the rest), but I couldn't part with them.
My approach to clothes was changed by the book Slow Fashion (see book review). As I read each page, I felt a desire to change. I wanted to run to the closet and get rid of more things. It was a time of complete revolution.
I threw 3 / 4 clothes out of my closet, I left only the ones I liked and in which I felt good. I also made a list of things I needed. My wardrobe has shrunk significantly and I felt free.

Minimalism in everyday life

I laugh that if we were to pack up in one day, it would not be a problem for us. We only have the things we need and like to surround ourselves. Every now and then we make a selection and throw away / give away what we think we no longer need.

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We used to be very attached to things, today we perceive them as something that is only an addition to our lives.