Great hit! Fight with dirty Beauty Blender

Beauty Blender sponge is my definite hit among cosmetic helpers. I have been using my sponge for four months and it still looks like new. I know you should only use a sponge for three months, but I think this is a myth. In my opinion, the shelf life of Beauty Blender is only the invention of the manufacturer in order to boost the demand.

If the sponge is cleaned thoroughly, bacteria have no right to remain in it, as is commonly believed. However, I leave the matter of the sponge's expiration date to you. The manufacturer recommends cleaning the sponge with a special liquid, which I think is an unnecessary expense. A few weeks ago I came up with the idea of ​​washing the sponge with Bielenda biphasic liquid. About this product, which turned out to be great, I already wrote notes on washing BB Dr G. I still use two fluids interchangeably: cotton and avocado (these two products I described here: Click ).

I owe the current condition of my face to proper care, but also to good makeup removal. I got rid of the problem of clogging by BB cream, because as it turned out, most often it is not the cream that clogs, and improper make-up removal is the reason for the deterioration of the skin condition.

I came across the product for cleaning the sponge during its daily morning cleaning. I found that since the Biphasic Cotton liquid copes so well with the BB cream on my face, it will probably also cope well with the cream slightly "eaten" in the sponge. In addition, I remembered the producer's video that he presented original cleaning fluid. It has the same consistency as Bielenda's two-phase fluid.

This cleaning method is a hit with me. The sponge is not dried (because the biphasic liquid also has an oily layer), and also cleans Beauty Blender very well. Until now, I only used Alterra liquid soap to keep the sponge clean, which didn't irritate my skin.

Now I switched to two-phase liquid and I have to tell you that it cleans much better (BB cream flows from the inside of the sponge along with liquid makeup remover). My sponge looks like new again!