How did it happen that we have other pots?

remember post about Silit pots and my admiration for this company and its product? I think I have to change my opinion about them ... maybe not? Nevertheless, I will tell you a story that happened to us. Silit pots in the main role.

review of silit brand pots

Why did we choose Silit pots? I fell in love with the pots after Mrs. Gadget's program. It was true that square pots were shown then, but as a traditionalist I found round ones in a beautiful vanilla color. They seemed to be the perfect wedding present from us for us. It also happened. Just before our wedding, we bought pots Silit Vitaliano Vanilla. For 4 years, we used them on a carbonated stove and nothing - no trace at the bottom, food actually warm after cooking for a long time, and in addition the pots do not contain harmful nickel.

Why do we no longer have Silit Vitaliano Vanilla? Our pots have served very well for so many years, but suddenly something started to happen - the remnants of food began to accumulate under the lid of the pots. Neither appetizing nor hygienic. In addition, rust appeared around the edge of the pots. We decided to advertise them, since they have 30 years warranty. The complaint went without any complaints. We received a new pot and lid. Interestingly, food remains no longer collect under the lid. Was that version defective? We did not think about it until mid-February this year, when a defect appeared on the same (smallest) pot.

A piece of siligranium coating fell off from the inside of the handles and rust appeared. Interestingly, after a few days more appeared (only on the handles). I'm starting to really believe that this version of the pots has a drawback. The more that this color version has mysteriously disappeared.

And this time we realized that we didn't spend enough money not to take advantage of the complaint. We advertised the same pot (interestingly nothing else happens!) And this time our complaint was considered in our favor. Unfortunately, the vanilla pot is no more, we could choose a different color from the same series. Of course, this was out of the question, because we didn't buy a set of pots to have one from another parish. Maybe it doesn't do it to some, to us as aesthetes.

Of course, the owner understood our doubts and thus decided that we can replace ALL the pots with a different color version. So we decided to go black. I hope the newer version will be less unlucky.

Is it worth buying Silit pots?

Despite our history with a small pot, I still recommend pots from this company. They are really good quality. Using them on a gas stove, which unfortunately tends to draw pots, as well as burning the bottom - nothing happened to the pots. There is not even the smallest scratch. In addition, considering the service, you can definitely feel someone important, and not just another customer.

Why is it worth investing in good pots?

When I saw Mrs. Gadget Silit pots - I immediately fell in love. These pots are not only beautiful, but also really great quality (and it is known that quality also comes with the price).

silit pots reviewed

I have suffered from a lack of good pots since we moved - the ones we got unfortunately nie dishwasher safe (I didn't know that at the time) and after a while they just started falling apart. And the handle has fallen off, and this is the lid handle. We found it time to say goodbye.

We are supporters of good quality products that bought once - will serve for a very long time. I decided that the best purchase would be the 4-part Vanilla set.
The kit includes:
- low pot with a capacity of 3,1 and diameter 22cm,
- high pot with a capacity of 2,7 and diameter 18cm,
- high pot with a capacity of 4,7 and diameter 22cm,
- high pot with a capacity of 6,2 and diameter 24cm.
I usually use smaller pots, but when cooking for guests - I reach for larger ones. Silit pots are ceramic pots made of Silargan® without nickel (it is worth paying attention to not poison yourself!). They can be used to bake dishes in the oven and also use them on all types of stoves - from gas to induction. We also noticed this because we are planning to move to a new housing estate where there is no gas stove.
The most interesting element of these pots are the lids they have steel edge. Thanks to this, when removing the lid it is more difficult to burn with steam. For me it's a big plus, because I cook quite chaotically and I was often able to burn myself. Pots are heavy, at first they were too heavy for me, but with time I got used to it. The fact that they are made of thick material affects the long keeping heat - thanks to this I do not waste gas on reheating the dinner. It should be remembered that if we want something to cool quickly - it is best to transfer it to another dish (these pots really they keep warm long!).
Another plus is the possibility of washing these pots in the dishwasher. Since we have a dishwasher - I have not used to washing dishes in a traditional way. I think that a dishwasher is a huge time saver that can be used in a different way. Silit pots have up to 30 years warranty! A set of 4 pots on the manufacturer's website costs 2 799 PLN. I ordered them here. If you don't need 4 pots or need other sizes - see the page with single pots: here. Additionally at a promotional price you can find a set of 5 pots for PLN 2499! If you don't like the vanilla set - here you can find other pot colors and models.