Last minute gifts for women

Have you already had a Christmas fever? We are preparing for Christmas in full swing. It is true that I will be doing all dishes only on Friday and Saturday, but every now and then I add something to the shopping list. I figured out that in addition to pumpkin seed pate and oyster mushrooms in oil a la herring I will make a kinder country vegan cake. I am very curious how it tastes (because it looks delicious!).
If you do not have all the gifts yet or you may have forgotten that there is a woman in your family who will come on Christmas Eve and you also need to buy a gift for her, I drop a list of last minute gifts for women.
list of last minute gifts for ladies

Apparently, it is said that Christmas is not only gifts, and their origin is different, but I do not know how you - I really like giving gifts to loved ones. It is true that this year we can not afford it because of the move (deposit + fees, buying furniture, you know how it is). If your situation is different, I recommend using the list above. Each of the ladies will definitely be pleased with one of these gifts. I don't want to suggest anything, but the handbag and gold earrings also seduced me ...
And on Thursday, next recipes for vegan Christmas Eve, including my favorite pumpkin seed pate to which you can add cranberry, dried mushrooms or other Christmas additions, e.g. dried plum. It is delicious in itself and with additions it will definitely be even tastier.

2016 Christmas wishlist

I can't believe we have December 1 today. Holidays are coming, and I still remember the previous ones. Time flies very quickly. I give you my Christmas wishlist, maybe you will find something for yourself (I do not tempt;)) or your loved ones.
Soon we will also publish our ideas for gifts for various people - from grandfather (my grandfather is very specific and never wants anything. With him I always have the biggest problem) to my sister or brother. Surely everyone will find some inspiration tailored to their family.
2016 Christmas wishlist
2016 Christmas wishlist
  • Resibo firming serum - it's been on my list for a long time and I really want to try it out. This product is natural and supposedly really works. I would like to test them on my own skin, because 26 years is the perfect time to start anti-wrinkle action (of course you can also earlier).
  • Emu Apollo Bay Chocolate gloves - my previous gloves turned out not to be as durable as I expected. They are also not very warm, and unfortunately I am a cold man and I need gloves that will warm my hands even on very cold days.
  • Naturativ wrapping butter for the body (you can associate them as Pat & Rub) - I love them for smell and action. It absorbs quickly, smells of caramel and lemon and moisturizes very well. This is my number one in winter body care.
  • Leather handbag - Fabioletka black smooth - I have long dreamed of a small purse that is suitable for everyday, but also more elegant stylizations. In the end I found the perfect model on a silver chain (an additional plus, because I really like chain bags). The purse looks very decent, so I suspect it would have served me a few pretty years.
  • Zoeva eye shadow palette au naturel - I am not entirely sure if this palette is the only one, but I have gained trust in Zoeva, because I have been using Zoeva Bamboo brushes for almost a year and I am very satisfied. If I had to buy them again, I would not hesitate. Check how Zoeva brushes work after almost a year of use (click)
  • Mac Syrup lipstick - I love Mac plumful lipstick, and Syrup looks just as tempting. The most I like Mac lipsticks with a Luster finish, this effect looks best on my lips. Mac Syrup has a beautiful live shade (note: Mac cosmetics are available in the Baltic Gallery in Douglas). This lipstick just stole my heart.

Let me know what is on your Christmas wishlist?